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Name: Berkshire Record Office

Part of the Trumball MSS, D/ED, including diplomatic and trade papers relating to Turkey, seventeenth century, notably B1,2, journal and ledger of London merchants dealing in wines, cloth, etc., to Spain, Portugal, the East Indies, etc.; customhouse certificate for cinnamon re-exported to Leghorn, 1623-38; F32, agreement for a voyage to Virginia aboard the Planter, 1622, was withdrawn in 1989 and is now held at the British Library.

Postal address: 9 Coley Avenue

Town: Reading
County: Berkshire
Post code: RG1 6AF
Telephone: 0118 937 5132
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148 documents found for Berkshire Record Office:

Code Description Date Keywords
D/EX 172/4 photographs of HMS Hawthorn and crew, 1942-6 1942 - 1946 2nd WW
D/EX 10433131-29

papers regarding `Friends of HMS Euryalus' in Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale, 1942-64

1942 - 1964 crew history
D/EX 23 F31/4 correspondence from firms of shipbuilders on their history, 1924 1924   shipbuilding
D/EX 23 F32, F37

correspondence, photographs, notes, etc. regarding the figurehead and building of HMS Bellerophon, 1926, c.1924-6

1924 - 1926 shipbuilding

diaries of Mr and Mrs A.E. Preston of Abingdon, including world tour and cruises, 1888-1927

1888 - 1927 World travel
D/EL1 E11 papers on Neath Harbour shares, 1882-9 1882 - 1889 port ownership
D/ENm 10/2 certificate of service as mate, 1878 1878   manning
D/EBy F49 letter from R.W. Fox on instruments for an Artic expedition, 1875; letter from G.S. Nares from the Falkland Islands, 1878 1875 - 1878 exploration
D/EBy F48 letter from F.L. McClintock on Greenland exploration, 1868 1868   exploration
D/EFu F10

short diary of a journey round the coast of  Asia Minor, 1865

1865   Asian travel
D/P 113/28/3

copy of proceedings at the investigation into the loss of the Hardy, 1861

1861   shipwreck
D/EPb/C63 & C91

correspondence of the 3rd Earl of Radnor regarding Missions to Seamen, 1855-62; with Revd R.H. Baynes, incumbent, St Paul's Church for Seamen, Whitechapel, 1860-2

1860 - 1862 sailors' welfare

correspondence and other papers including references to right of wreck, Folkestone, 1860-4

1860 - 1864 maritime law

certificate of service of Thomas Jackson, A.B. on HMS Stag, 1858

1858   manning naval
D/EDd F2 letters on emigration to New Zealand 1857   australasia
D/EPb C59

correspondence on emigration of a workhouse inmate to Australia, 1853-6 

1853 - 1856 social
D/P10/8,1 mention in Aston Tirrold vestry minutes regarding emigration, 1852 1852   church

letter from an emigrant to the USA describing conditions there, 1851.

1851   American emigration
D/N2 10/15

financial accounts of voyages of the Jane Brown to Buenos Aires and the Cape of Good Hope, 1847-87

1847 - 1887 trade financing
D/ELb T17

deed of sale of the Commodore of London, 1847

1847   ownership

Ashbury parish fund for assisting emigration to Canada and South Africa, 1845

1845   church
D/P154/8/4 parish contribution towards cost of emigration, 1841 1841   church
D/EM B1/67 will of James Stevens of Abingdon, boat-builder, 1839 1839   shipbuilding

correspondence between 3rd earl of Radnor and Archdeacon Croft and Mr Marjoribanks relating, in part, to the establishment of a pilot station at Folkestone, 1838

1838   coastal navigation

mention in Longworth vestry minutes regarding parochial help with emigration, 1833-4

1833 - 1834 church
D/P98/8/1 order relating to emigrants to America, Reading St Mary , 1832 1832   American emigration

emigration of paupers in a party from East Hendred to Canada, 1832.

1832   Canadian Emigration

mention in Bradfield vestry minutes of a scheme for assisted emigration to Canada, c. 1832.

1832   emigration
D/EWd/ Z1

account by J. Mason of his transportation to New South Wales, 1830-7.

1830 - 1837 forced emigration

printed statements on emigration to Australia, 1829, 1835

1829 - 1835 emigration
D/EBy F48, p.69 notes taken from the log of the Endeavour, at 82 3/4N, 1827 1827   exploration
D/EX 523/13

order for removal of a prisoner to the hulk Justitia on the river Thames, 1826

1826   forced emigration
D/EBy C46

printed billhead of W. Slark, coach and shipping agent, London, 1826-7

1826 - 1827 ownership
D/EBy F48, pp70 & 84

letter from J. Richardson on Franklin's expedition, 1825; letter from Capt. F.R.M. Crozier, c.1840

1825 - 1840 exploration
D/EX 327/1 bill for equipment of Robert Macnab as officer of the East India Company, 1822 1822   trade commerce
D/EDd F5/3 correspondence of Admiral J. Deans Dundas, 1822-55 1822 - 1855 letters navy

accounts of the Commissioners for improving DonagheeHarbour

1821   coastal navigation
D/EX 523/8

order for removal of 10 named convicts from Reading gaol to the hulks at Portsmouth, 1820.

1820   justice
D/ED C72 letter describing shipwreck in the East Indies, 1817-27 1817 - 1827 Far East
D/EMt F13 papers on William Mount's journey to the Continent, 1816-17 1816 - 1817 European travel
D/EX 292 E1

accounts for sugar production and export, on the estates of John Estridge of St Kitts., 1815-24

1815 - 1824 West Indian trade
D/EL1 C4 suggestion for burial of Captain Speke in Westminster Abbey, 1814 1814   naval funeral
D/EDd O2 Order for naval captain to go to Java to intercept French forces, 1811 1811   East Indies
D/EBt F11

`history' of a stay on the Continent, in French, 1810-13

1810 - 1813 European travel
D/EBt Z2 a naval ode on the victory at Trafalgar, 1808 1808   navy & society
D/EDd 01

orders of the Commander in Chief off the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, 1808-10

1808 - 1810 coastal operations
D/EDd 02

orders to naval captain for actions against the French including at Java, 1808-12

1808 - 1812 East Indies
D/EDd F3

extracts from a diary on conduct of naval warfare against the French, 1807-12

1807 - 1812 strategy navy
D/P 109/IC/3/1-12

proclamation of thanksgiving for the battle of Trafalgar, Shellingford parish, 1805

1805   navy society
D/EZ 6 C1-3

references in letters of Lord Braybrooke and Lord Glastonbury regarding French naval fleet, 1803-14

1803 - 1814 naval strategy
D/P 118/28/1

receipt by Navy Pay Office of administration of George Collins, killed in action, with note of possible prize money due to Thomas Collins, 1802-14

1802 - 1814 accounting
D/EM Z8 bonds of indemnity for payment of excise duty, 1800, 1804 1800 - 1804 revenue

diary of a journey from Yarmouth to St Petersburg, departing in the Prince of Wales, packet-boat, 1797-8

1797 - 1798 sea travel
W/Z 10/10

printed notice of bounty for volunteer seamen, 1795

1795   manning
D/EP 1 03/1

copies of papers and correspondence on the West Indies campaign, copy of journal of the Vanguard, letters regarding the conduct of the Rear Admiral Charles Thompson, 1795


1795   colonies
D/EP1 O3/2 notebook of flags and signlas, 1794 1794   signalling
D/EN F61

deed mentioning annuity paid from lighthouses in Norfolk and Suffolk

1794   safety
D/EWi F2 diary of a journey from Hamble to the Channel Islands and back, onboard the Friendship, lobster-smack, including calling at Falmouth, Plymouth, Polperro, Swanage, Southampton, 1793 1793   sea travel
D/EBy B1,2,6

East India Company papers, including sales of shares in ships, accounts of money involved in voyages and correspondence on shipping, 1764-82, account book of monies involved in various voyages, 1766-82, corr

1773 - 1774 Indian trade
D/EM T163 deeds of a boathouse at Sutton Courtenay, 1766-1809 1766 - 1809 ownership
D/ENm 1P1

plan of town and naval battle of Nova Colonia do Sacramento, River Plate, 1763 

1763   maps
D/EE 09 patent appointing searcher of customs at King's Lynn, Norfolk, 1761 1761   revenue staffing
D/ESv(M) F10

letter mentions a trading voyage to Lisbon and Jamaica

1756 - 1758 West Indies trade

notes of a Parliamentary debate on prize ships and impressment, 1755

1755   legal rights of captains
D/EBu T97 assignment of the Booth, 1754 1754   ownership

bills of sale of shares in a named ship, papers on cargoes, marine stores and food, etc., 1753-62

1753 - 1762 ownership
D/EBt F26

notebook kept during a tour of France

1752 - 1753 travel
D/EX 23 F1,2 apprenticeship indentures of Rochester shipwrights, 1752, 1776 1752 - 1776 shipbuilding
D/ESv(M) F9 merchant's letters etc., in Sumatra, 1751-63 1751 - 1763 Dutch East Indies
D/EN 034/2

notes on a parliamentary debate on estimates for the building of ships, 1748

1748   ship building
D/ESv(M) F7 papers on cargoes to Sumatra, 1748 1748   Dutch East Indies
D/ESv(M) F7, F8, F10

bonds and insurance policies on named ships, shares in ships, etc, involved with the East Indies trade, 1744-63

1744 - 1763 ownership
D/EBy B9

detailed paymaster's accounts, Fort St George, 1743

1743   East India Company accounting
D/EBy O6

appointment of R. Benyon, governor of Fort St George, and his council, 1736

1736   East india Company
D/EBy A142 accounts of shares in ships and cargoes, 1733-40 1733 - 1740 ownership
D/EBy B7-13 business papers of R. Benyon, governor of Fort St George, East India Company, including correspondence, 1733-4, detailed statement of shares in ships, etc., 1744, papers on the `ransom' of Madras, questionaire on diamond production 1733 - 1737 Indian trade
D/EBy P86-90

maps of Fort St George and St David, 1733-46

1733 - 1746 Indian charts
D/EBy B20

detailed statement of shares in cargoes of named ships in various voyages and of diamonds shipped, Fort St George, 1727

1727   Indian trade
D/EBy L1

executor's papers etc., including East India Company stock, c.1725-31

1725 - 1731 legal documents
D/EKm B2,3 charter party for slaving voyage of the Hamilton Galley, 1724, 1734 1724 - 1734 ship financing
D/ED F19 illustrated verses on `a ... trip into the Levant', c. 1720. 1720   leisure travel
D/EL1 05/42

order for payment of loan on malt and cider duties, 1715

1715   banking excise
D/EBy B13

statistics and papers on export of sugar to Europe from the plantations, 1708-c.37

1708 - 1737 West Indian trade
D/EP1 03/3 sailor's certificate of registration, 1707 1707   manning
D/EE Z31

ledger of a merchant of London, in dyestuffs and cloth for the domestic and overseas market, 1707-9

1707 - 1709 accounting
D/ED F15 bond for good behaviour as cashier to the Commissioners of Excise, c.1700 1700   customs
D/EM B18 special printed will form for merchants, factors or sea-officers going overseas, eighteenth century 1700 - 1800 legal
D/EPb E86-7

invoices and bills of lading for cargoes of sugar, 1700-1710

1700 - 1710 trade administration
D/ED F41 articles of apprenticeship of a son of the Earl of Stirling to a merchant in Leghorn, 1698 1698   Italian trade
D/EBu T96 indenture of discharge of claims by the Company on the estate of William Gyfford, late president, 1697 1697   East India Company

miscellaneous papers relating to Barbados, including those of the Customs, Prize Office, trade, 1696-1721

1696 - 1721 Commerce Law
Trunball Add MSS 122

observations on the old East India Company and proposals for its reconstitution, 1696

1696   Indian trade
Trumball Add MSS 19 (5)

a discourse about pirates with proper remedies to suppress them', in American waters, c.1695

1695   colonial piracy
Trumball Add MSS 144

map and sailing directions for entering the port of Valdivia, Chile, 1695

1695   coastal navigation
Trumball Add MSS 120

general statement of account of the East India Company, 1695

1695   Indian trade
Trumball AddMSS 127 (d)

papers on an inquiry into irregularities in the collection of tobacco and sugar duties at the customs house, London, 1694

1694   taxation
Trumball Add. MSS 127 (e)

`A discourse touching the cause of the decay of our Naval Discipline', 1694

1694   naval social history
Trumball Add. MSS 88 (b)

`a rough draft of a new Modell att Sea 29 Novr. 1693', on recruitment of officers, by the Marquis of Halifax, 1693

1693   manning
Trumball Add MSS 127 (g)

Admiralty Board papers on victualling, 1693

1693   naval adminstration
Trumball Add MSS 127 (h) documents on the proposed trial of privateers for piracy, 1693 1693   lawlessness at sea
D/P 29/7/1

brief for collection at Burghfield for redemption of captives taken by Turkish pirates, 1692

1692   ransome for prisoners
Trumball Add. MSS 127 (f)

Admiralty Board papers concerning seamen's pay, 1691

1691   finance
D/ED 030 cases for solicitor of the customs in disputes arising from administration of the customs, c.1700 1690 - 1710 customs
Trumball Add MSS 142

maps of area round the Black Sea, c. 1690

1690   charts
Trumball Add MSS 104, 13

detailed statements on all ships in the navy, c.1690, 1696

1690 - 1696 naval adminstration
D/P 151/7/1 brief for relief of captives in Meknes, Morocco, 1690 1690   Barbary pirates
D/EBt Z27 printed list of `their majesty's fleet' with the number of guns and men, including commanders' names, 1689 1689   statistics navy
D/ED 102/1-13

accounts of Edward Russell, earl of Orford, in capacity of Treasurer of the Navy, 1689-99

1689 - 1699 finance
D/ENm 401

order for payment of the collector of customs at Newcastle on Tyne, 1686

1686   customs
Trumball Add MSS 20 (34)

the true state of Tanger or Tanger Improveable' suggestions made to the Earl of Dartmouth, c.1684

1684   Barbary pirates
Trumball Add MSS 77

notes by Sir William Trumball on the Tangier expedition, 1683

1683   Barbary pirates
Trumball Add MSS 79, 101

newsletters from London to merchants in Venice,

1683 - 1691 Ottoman trade
Trumball Add. MSS 76 (e)

plan of Elizabeth Castle and Charles Fort, Guernsey, c.1682

1682   fortifications
Trumball Add MSS 44 papers on piracy and privateering, including printed form of pardon for suppressing piracy in America, c.1680-c.1700 1680 - 1700 early colonial law enforcement
D/EHr B1-2

Levant Company's factor's accounts, 1679-98

1679 - 1698 Ottoman trade
W/AZ 9 list of a boatmaster's tools, Blewbury, 1673 1673   ships and shipping
D/EL1 T23 nomination deed of sub-commissioners of Excise (Bristol and Gloucestershire), 1670 1670   customs
D/P 89/1/2 briefs for relief of captives in Morocco, 1669-70 1669 - 1670 Mediterranean piracy
D/EBt Z8

D/EBt Z8, estimate for starting a cocoa plantation in Jamaica, 1667

1667   West Indies
Trumball Add MSS 19 (26) ? of discussion of Samuel Pepys on naval victualling, 1666 1666   naval administration
D/ED 058 notes of Sir William Trumball on Admiralty cases, c. 1660-80 1660 - 1680 admiralty
D/EL1 05/34 Admiralty order for appointment of ship's purser, 1660 1660   naval warrants
D/EZ 5 B1-6

Levant Company's factor's journals and accounts, 1660-1709

1660 - 1709 Ottoman trade
D/EL1 05/23-4,26

letters and orders to the Admiralty, 1652-3

1652 - 1653 naval administration
D/EBu F13

letter book of merchants trading to Alicante in Spain

1648 - 1652 Spanish Trade
D/EL1 O4 letter from Sir Humphrey Tracy to Lord Digby regarding using Ship Money to raise a troop of horse for Charles I, 1643 1643   taxation
D/EL1 C1/181 complaint of a great increase in assessment in three separate years, c.1640 1640   ship money
D/ED F35 lease of trading rights between Scotland and Africa to Oliver Clobery, merchant, of London, 1638 1638   Anglo_Scottish trade

assessment for the borough of Wokingham, 1636

1636   ship money
D/EBp O6 writ for collecting ship money in Oxfordshire, 1636 1636   taxation
Wo/ACa 1

copy of writ in Wokingham borough minutes for the collection of Ship Money, c.1634

1634   finance
D/EL1 05/9 prize ship to be given for part payment of debt, 1630 1630   finance
D/ED F33 conveyance of one third part of the Eagle, 1626 1626   ownership
D/EL1 C1/147-8

letter on payment for taking soldiers to Plymouth to serve in the king's ships, 1625

1625   accounting navy
Trumball Add.MSS 30

copy of a proclamation denouncing Roger North, the projector of trade on the Amazon, 1620

1620   exploration
D/EL1 C1/105

enforced carriage of ship-timber by carts, etc., Surrey, 1620

1620   ship building
Trumball Add. MSS 37

petitions to the Privy Council, etc., mainly concerned with trade and shipping, c.1620-1700

1620 - 1700 trade restrictions

`Money for Virginia', in Warfield Churchwarden's accounts, 1617

1617   emigration
D/EN L4 accusation of piracy made in the court of Star Chamber, 1609-10 1609 - 1610 lawlessness
Trumball Add MSS 30

later copy of a proclamation restricting import of spices to East India Company, 1609

1609   trade/ commerce
D/EN 04/3

letter on transport of timber from Hampshire to Deptford and Woolwich, 1607

1607   naval materials
D/ED 047-8 precedent books, etc., on Admiralty Law belonging to Dr William Trumball, seventeenth century 1600 - 1699 admiralty
Trumball Add. MSS 22

MS. copy of Observations on the Royal Navy by Sir Arthur Gorges, n.d. (seventeenth century)

1600 - 1700 naval reform
Trumball Add MSS 19 (29)

essay regarding fleet for the West Indies, early seventeenth century

1600 - 1625 colonies
D/EN F6/1

correspondence on sale of timber to the Company, 1592-1615

1592 - 1615 trade/ commerce

letter from Fabian Trumball on his father's death by drowning at Colmoger, 1591

1591   trade/ commerce
Trumball Add. MSS. 64 account of customs of Guernsey,1580, 1665 1580 - 1665 customs
D/ED 046 copies of statutes (14th-16th centuries), on Admiralty Court jurisdiction, late sixteenth century 1550 - 1600 admiralty