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Name: Carmarthenshire Archives Service
Postal address: Parc Myrddin
Richmond Terrace
Town: Carmarthen
Post code: SA31 1HQ
Telephone: 01267 228232
Web address:

91 documents found for Carmarthenshire Archives Service:

Code Description Date Keywords
Stepney F280

misc. Cowell Stepney papers including notes regarding Mr Payerne's Submarine Boat, n.d.

  navy ships
Cwmgwili 741

letter of George Davies, the Minotaur at Plymouth to J.G. Philipps, Carmarthen, regarding personal promotion & naval news, 25 July n.y.

  correspondence ships Devon Wales navy ranks
Dynevor box 284/5

Mansell papers

  documents collections
Dynevor box 154/1

Rhys family albumn book, late nineteenth century, including correspondence from Robert Mansell to his nephew Henry Rhys, 1620-1, regarding naval expedition against Algiers; with a paper relating to the defence of the country against a Spanish inva

1590 - 1899 navy operations war Africa
Castell Gorfod, 104/

letters, M4, from Thomas White, Dover to the right honourable Major General Morgan, commander of H.M. forces at Mardicke, Flanders, referring to the commissioner of the navy & ketches, 7 April 1650; M7, from Mi. Richardson regarding billetting

1650 - 1666 correspondence Europe Holland
Castell Gorfod, Group II, 275

commission from James, Duke of York, to Leoline Jenkins, regarding jurisdiction of captured shipping at Jersey, with interrogatories, in Latin, 22 March 1666

1666   Admiralty Channel cargo

abstracts of receipts of rents, chief rents, tolls, etc, paid by Walter Vaughan of Llanelly & Margaret Vaughan to the Earl of Carbery's receivers, 1678-1701 & abstracts of keelage of the Port of Llanelly, 1744-91

1678 - 1791 Wales payments debts harbours
Cawdor, 8/226-7

certificate of registration of Royston Vaughan for service in the navy, 21 April 1698

1698   recruitment services
Cawdor, 8/228

letter of attorney from Royston Vaughan, mariner, of Llantharad, Carmarthen, constituting his sister Jane to receive wages & other money due to him, 29 March 1699

1699   correspondence Wales navy
45/5864 C/V

ship's log by Alexander Blowres entitled `A journal of the intended voyage in the good ship Stretham, George Westcott, commander, from Bengal to England', 1721-2

1721 - 1722 India
Cawdor 34/4408

two receipts regarding shares in the South Seas Company, 1734-43

1734 - 1743 ownership shipping
Cawdor, 74/6919

royal commission constituting Richard Vaughan, esq., vice-admiral for the maritime parts of South Wales, 11 November 1747

1747   Admiralty
Cawdor, 45/5863

cases & opinions of counsel regarding the Society of Free British Fishery, 1752

1752   fishing whaling
Cwmgwili 537

, letter of D Forrest, Spartiate at Plymouth to J.G. Philips, Stepney F66, bundle of misc. letters, including letter from John Webber at La Rochelle to Sir Thomas Webber informing him that he has been captured by a French ship, 1756

1756   correspondence ships Devon
Derwydd CA22

misc. volumes belonging to the Gulston family including journal of a tour of Flanders, Holland, Spa & Paris, 1767

1767   travel Europe
Castell Gorfod, 24/2

chart of Burry harbour & bar, 1808; 24/1, plan of a wharf at Llanelly Dock, surveyed by John Howell, 1811; plan of New Pembrey harbour, 1833

Cawdor, includes, 2-4, four copies of map of the channel from Carmarthen Bay to Loughor showin

1785 - 1889 illustrations
Cwmgwili 75

letter of John Williams, captain onboard HMS Ambuscade, Livorno, to Griffith Phillips, 31 March 1788

1788   correspondence navy ships
237 Mus.

notarial protest by George Jones, captain of the Welcome, 22 August 1788

1788   ships
Cwmgwili 329-30

letters of George Davies, Portsmouth, to J.G. Philipps, Cwmgwili, naval news, 6 & 23 October 1790

1790   correspondence navy Wales
Cwmgwili 335

letter of George Davies onboard the Cumberland, to J.G. Philpps, news of arrival, 24 February 1791

1791   correspondence navy ships
Cawdor box 244

journals & diaries of Lord Cawdor, c.1792-1821, including tour to Europe, 1816

1792 - 1821 travel
Cwmgwili 359, 362-3

naval news at Portsmouth & Chatham, March - April 1793

1793   navy
Castell Gorfod Add.44

letter from John Wedge, junior, of Goodig, Pembrey, to his father John of St Ives, Cornwall, regarding loss of sloop & Captain Ephraim Green's brig on 21 August, contains description of wrecking in the Burry estuary & salvage account inclu

1793   correspondence wrecks
Cawdor 109/8289 C/V

examination taken before Richard Howells, Kidwelly Mayor, & John Davies, Kidwelly JP, respecting a shipwreck on the nearby coast, 3 December 1794

1794   wrecks
223 Mus.

indenture of apprenticeship & mariner's register; ticket of David Morgan of Langhorne, 1796-1811

1796 - 1811 registration
Cwmgwili 430A

letter of John Macbride, Torbay, to J.G. Philipps regarding joining the squadron, 24 July 1796

1796   correspondence Devon recruitment
Castell Gorfod 299

misc. plans & maps, includes copy of plan of landing of the French at Fishguard, 1797

1797   defence coasts invasion
Castell Gorfod W7

letter from Richard William, Moreb, to Mr Joshua Wedge, Bristol, referring to voyage to South Carolina, passage of David William in a brig from Plymouth to America, 21 November 1800

1800   correspondence travel Devon
Castell Gorfod W1

letter from Capt James Critchel, Taranto, Italy to Capt Thomas Wedge, Galipoli referring to visitors flocking to see an English ship, 7 May 1800

1800   correspondence leisure
Castell Gorfod W5

letter from Mary Davies to her cousin Joshua Wedge, Bristol, referring to apprentices, passage from Plymouth to America, 17 November 1800

1800   correspondence voyages
Castell Gorfod W6

letter from David Thomas, Carmarthen to Capt. Joshua Wedge of the Brig Endeavour, Bristol, referring to safe arrival at Bristol, the Prince, the expected arrival from Newfoundland of the Camilla, West Indian voyage, 18 Novembe

1800   correspondence ships
Castell Gorfod W8

letter from Miss Mary Davies, to her cousin Capt. Joshua Wedge, Bristol, referring to his command of his fine vessel, 24 November 1800

1800   correspondence ships
Castell Gorfod W2 & 4

letters from John Wedge, Mumbles, regarding commercial news, voyages to St Ives & Helford, Cornwall, vessels windbound at Bristol, 2 & 15 November 1800

1800   correspondence weather trade
Llanelli Harbour Trust Llanelli Harbour Trust: records 19th-20th century. 1800 - 1999 ports

regarding the battle of the Nile & the blockade in the bay of Ferrol, 10 March 1804

1804   operations war Egypt navy

transcript of diary of Henry Davies of Llanycrwys, Royal Marine onboard HMS Repulse, 1807

1807   navy travel ships
Castell Gorfod misc. 51

map of route of British troops from their landing to their arrival at Buenos Aires, 1807

1807   navy operations Americas Argentina
41.JF Maps

plan of Kidwelly Bar & Harbour by John Wedge, 1807

1807   ports design
Castell Gorfod misc. 14

logbook of the Southern Packet on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, 29 November 1813 - March 1814

1813 - 1814 ships Argentina Americas
Coedmore 957-8

notification by Arthur Butt Bingham, captain of HMS Myrtle, to Walter Lloyd, master's mate, that he is to take upon himself the charge of Acting Lieut., 7 May 1814; testimonials by the captains of HMS Myrtle, Cressy & P

1814 - 1817 navy ships mariners
238 Mus.

bill of sale of 1/8 of the Margaret between Thomas Humphryes of St Ishmael, gent., & John Howell Bevan of St Ishmael, esq, 21 December 1815

1815   ownership ships
John Francis Map 66

plan of a line of Tram Road & lands connected with the New Harbour, near Pembrey, by D. Beynon, Kidwelly, 1817

1817   transport
Bowser, 7

letter from Thomas Foster to George Bowser regarding rules & regulations of the harbour, 20 May 1819

1819   correspondence ports
707 Mus.

logbook of the Priscilla, brig, of Carmarthen, April - October 1820

1820   ships
Coedmore 869-74

papers of Thomas Lloyd of Coedmore relating to the New Quay Harbour Company, 6 August 1821 - 15 March 1838

1821 - 1838 ports
Coedmore 974-6

copy of letter from Walter Lloyd at Cardigan to a boatbuilder at Aberaeron informing him that he wishes to buy the trawl & the boat, 18 June 1822; letters from Thomas Winwood at Aberaeron to Walter Lloyd at Cardigan, 1) informing him that the

1822   correspondence construction payments
Bowser, 14

letter from George Morris to George Bwser, Uxbridge, regarding possibility of making a harbour on Towin Bach, 27 September 1823; 206, note with rough plan of the ares near Burry Port harbour, 1 January 1824; 232, copy letter from George Bowser sen

1823 - 1858 correspondence fuel trade shipping
Shipping Lists

1863-1913: crew agreements & official logbooks of ships registered in Llanelli, 1863-1913, registers of ships & fishing boats for Carmarthen, 1839-49, & Llanelli, 1824-1943

1824 - 1943 registration
Castell Gorfod B41

letter from Mrs M Buckley, Swansea to her son James Buckley, London, 2 April 1825, with reference to cloth being shipped on the Hussey from Carpenters Wharf

1825   correspondence trade commerce manufacturing
Castell Gorfod misc. 23

samples of Tapa (cloth manufactured from the bark of the Paper Mulberry tree) worn in the Sandwich Islands, c.1826

1826   trade commerce
Castell Gorfod W24

letter from John Wedge, Goodig, to his brother J.T. Wedge, Loughor, referring to seeing vessels carrying ore to Sputty, 18 January 1827

1827   correspondence ships trade cargo
Castell Gorfod, Add39

printed time table for the bar of Burry, port of Llanelly, harbour of Pembrey, & the Loughor river, 1828

1828   Wales
Taliaris 313-4

journal of William Peel's tour in North Wales, 1829 & of a tour from Dover through France to Italy, 1830-1

1829 - 1831 travel Europe diary
Cawdor box 245

, continental journals & diaries, including Lord Emlyn's tour in Europe, 1838, 1839, including references to Italian voyages, arrival at Plymouth, etc; journal of Ronald Campbell's voyage from Plymouth to South Africa onboard Roman, 1

1838 - 1878 travel Devon ships
ML 2485

printed tide table for Llanelly, 1839

Coedmore 2498

accounts of David Jones, master of the Ruby, smack, 1839

1839   ships

letter from Miss `Boosey' Buckley to her sister Eliza of Penyvay, 23 September 1841, with reference to her brother sailing on the Eagle

1841   correspondence travel voyages ships
Castell Gorfod B79

letter from Anne Roe to Mrs Buckley which refers to visit to chain pier, Brighton, 27 September 1842

1842   correspondence leisure
Coedmore 1081

letter from James Strick of Swansea, possible partner in the firm of Joanna Strick, to Thomas Lloyd of Coedmore, including invoice for 30 tons of culm shipped from Swansea to Cardigan & bill of landing, 25-8 March 1843

1843   correspondence trade commerce
ML 2513

plan of proposed dock & branch railways at Llanelly harbour, 1844

1844   developments construction transport
ML 1855

report to the commissioners by H.R. Palmer & I.K. Brunel relating to the Llanelly Harbour Improvements, 1844, 1857

1844 - 1857 construction development
ML 2130

plan of the proposed refuge & packet harbour at Holyhead, Anglesey, 1847

1847   ports Wales
Castell Gorfod B113

letter from John Buckley, London, to his brother James, Penyvay, mentions arrival in a strong gale with a cargo which includes case of seeds & roots from the botanical gardens at the Cape of Good Hope, seeds from the Isle of France, two tortoi

1850   correspondence trade commerce exotic
Castell Gorfod B118

letter from John Buckley, London, to his brother James, Bath, referring to receipt of seeds & bulbs, regret dead tortoises, 29 May 1850

1850   correspondence cargo exotic
Castell Gorfod B125

letter from Thomas Harding, Watford, to James Buckley requesting arrival time of the Lord Bedford from Bristol to Swansea, 21 August 1850

1850   correspondence
Castell Gorfod B127

letter from J.M. Buckley, Cardigan, to brother James, regarding ship loading for Calcutta, 17 September 1850

1850   correspondence India
Coedmore 2506

sale certificates of two shares in the New Quay Harbour Company from David Saunders Davies of Pentre to Thomas Lloyd, 6 August 1851

1851   ownership
Coedmore 2652

ledger of Edmund Lloyd, solicitor of Aberaeron, including account with the New Quay Patent Ship Company Ltd, 1851-68

1851 - 1868 accounts
522 Mus.

Carmarthen shipping receipt, 8 March 1852

1852   payments Wales trade
Castell Gorfod B130-41

letters from J.M. Buckley of Bath referring to emigration to California, 1850 & to voyage from Cape Clear to Liverpool, 31 October 1853

1853   correspondence America travel
ML 1827

correspondence relating to the Stradley estate & industrial & railway matters, includes plan of proposed railway to the Carmarthenshire Dock, 1856

1856   transport development
Coedmore 2261

letter from Thomas Davies at Cardigan to T.E. Lloyd, includes reference to damage to New Quay pier which is estimated will cost 2000, 2 November 1859

1859   correspondence leisure prices
Derwydd CA36

correspondence & accounts including relating to East India Stock, 1859

1859   trade commerce ownership
Coedmore 2682

letter of Thomas Davies of Cardigan to T.E. Lloyd with mention of the Sophia having gone down to `David Jones' Locker', 16 November 1861

1861   correspondence ships wrecks
305 Mus.

journal of W.H. Harrison, with which is incorporated the log of the Corran, 1861-2

1861 - 1862 ships
Derwydd CA33

papers relating to F.S. Gulston's character at Royal Naval School, 1863

1863   Navy education testimonials references
Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society collection

includes Ferryside R.N.L.I. papers, including minute books, 1869-1960, annual reports, 1903-4, & correspondence, 1871-1907

1869 - 1960 rescue lifeboats
ML 1815

papers relating to the Llanelly Harbour including notice of the Finance Committee of the Burry Navigation Commission, 1870, & extracts from the Welshman, 1871-2

1871 - 1872 ports
Derwydd 466

copy draft of deed of partnership as shipbuilders of Samuel Peter Austin & George Stepney Galston, 1871

1871   construction
Coedmore 2700

letter from G. Ward Hunt, at the Admiralty, to T.E. Lloyd's referring to Captain Charles Hope's suitability for a naval post, 31 July 1874

1874   correspondence navy recruitment
Dynevor box 282/13

bundle of papers & correspondence relating to Neath harbour, inlcuding a report by Mr Brereton, with plan, on the floating of the river Neath (1872) & an Act for the improvement of Neath harbour, 1874


1874   development
504 Mus.

list of vessels dishcarging cargoes at Carmarthen, 1876

1876   trade ships docks
Castell Gorfod misc. 31

printed abstract of the Commission's accounts of the Burry Navigation & Llanelly harbour for the year ended 31 December 1877

1877   ports
Coedmore 2726

letter from W.H. Smith, First Lord of the Admiralty, to T.E. Lloyd regarding his nomination of Mr P.V. Lewes to try the examination for a naval cadetship, 7 January 1878

1878   correspondence navy education recruitment
Coedmore 2738

copy letter written by Clemena Lloyd from T.E. Lloyd to W.H. Smith recommending Augustus Henry Brigstocke for an assistance clerkship, 11 March 1879

1879   correspondence navy recruitment

Llanelli Shipowners and Shipbrokers Association: correspondence

1924 - 1928 traders societies letters
703 Mus.

notes & plans regarding Towy landing standing at Whitewill, Carmarthen, 1937


political papers of Viscount Cilcennin, includes various letters from the Admiralty, 1951-6, including papers relating to Suez, 1956 & to Royal Tour to Australia, 1956-7; 164, photocopy of commission of fifteen men to execute the office of Hig

1943 - 1957 correspondence Canal
Llanelli Harbour Trust Additional Llanelli Harbour Trust (addnl): minutes. 1944 - 1949
7718 Llanelli port, Carmarthenshire: shipping register 1948 - 1977
T/ShipAddnl Llanelli port: register of sea fishing boats 1949 - 1988