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Name: Royal Institution of Cornwall, Courtenay Library
Postal address: Royal Cornwall Musuem
River Street
Town: Truro
County: Cornwall
Post code: TR1 2SJ
Telephone: 01872 242786
Web address:

41 documents found for Royal Institution of Cornwall, Courtenay Library:

Code Description Date Keywords
Misc. 10

journal of A.F.G. of his voyage from England to Sydney possibly on the Parramatta, 1876-7, and return

1876 - 1877 travel
Acc.1958(Victoria Wills bequest),

logbook of the Mystery, lugger, from Newlyn to Melbourne, 1854-5

1854 - 1855 trade

coastguard certificates of service of Edward Avery of Mousehole, 1842-58

1842 - 1858 coastguard

papers relating to the Snowdrop, Fowey schooner, comprising account book, 1842-52; inward and outward shipping certificates for port of Liverpool, 1843; naval certificate of half-yearly return of documents, 1852, certificate of sale, 1842

1842 - 1852 ships shipping accounts

legal papers regarding transport of goods through Padstow, 1841

1841   trade law

 papers relating to the Helford Independent Seine, 1837-56, including cash account, minutes of shareholders' meetings, shareholders' accounts, rules

1837 - 1856 Fishing accounts

misc. papers relating to creation of Wadebridge railway and dock, 1830-65

1830 - 1865 transport

memorandum of agreement regarding harbour at Par, 10 March 1830

1830   port

 naval service papers of Edward Lee Hoblyn, 1826-81, including certificates, commissions, letters, pension papers

1826 - 1881 navy seaman

 letters from Sir Christopher Hawkins to G. Roberts, St Ives, regarding erection of new quay at St Ives, 1825

1825   port

 papers relating to Banfield & Hooper, and other nineteenth-century shipping agents in Scilly and misc. papers, including photographs, relating to Scilly, notably 1-2, letter books, 1825-36, 1879-99; 2a, pilotage rates in Scilly district,

1825 - 1911 ships shipping

 journal of Thomas Pope Rosevear, Boscastle merchant and shipowner, 1825-46, including note on shipbuilding, 1826

1825 - 1846 shipping

 three journals relating to fish catches in the St Ives area, 1822-74, with some notes of wreck and with letters regarding Italian market, 1850-1, 1852, 1884

1822 - 1884 Fishing Trade

letters of Sir Christopher Hawkins relating to the Thomas and Mary, the Mary, fishing, St Ives and Pier Bill, 1820-5

1820 - 1825 fishing

 letters of administration on estate of James McGuinis, Penryn seaman, 1819

1819   mariner
Acc. 1943

logbook of the Hopewell of St Ives, brig, 1810-14, including of voyage from Falmouth to France, [printed Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, ns 1, pt 2 (1952), 122-9]

1810 - 1814 trade

assignment of a moiety of three deeds poll on St Ives pier, 1804

1804   port harbour

 `Experiences and reminiscences of over forty years at sea' by William Harris, with photographs, nineteenth century , health & welfare

1800 - 1900 mariner

bill of Samuel Tresidder, jun. to Revd Edward Walmsey regarding work on the Black Rock, Falmouth, 1794

1794   port

 Admiralty boat licence for Fowey pleasure boat of Revd Robert Walker, 1793

1793   leisure

 account regarding smith work at St Michael's Mount quay, 1792-4

1792 - 1794 blacksmith

 letter from D. Bamfield, St Ives, to N.R. Pearce regarding help given to distressed vessel, c.1790

1790   rescue

release and assignment of St Ives pier, 1777

1777   port

legal papers relating to fish tithes in Mount's Bay, 1771

1771   fishing

 lease regarding tithe fish of Lelant, St Ives and Towednack, 1770

1770   fishing

letters of Francis Basset concerning Portreath quay and shipping, 1765-7 (also see 99-101)

1765 - 1777 dock port

deposition regarding brandy found in river Gannel, 1749

1749   customs

printed notice from Privy Council regarding quarantine restrictions at Falmouth, 28 July 1743

1743   Health

manor court book of Predannack Wartha, parish of Mullion, 1715-63, with reference to items washed ashore, 1739

1739   wreck admiralty

account of John Pendarves Basset regarding export of slates from Hayle, 1736

1736   commerce

papers of Miss M.E. Philbrick, mainly files of ms notes and photocopies relating to the Post Office packet service & postal history, including lists of sailings, mostly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, notably 1-20

1700 - 1899 ships

papers relating to tithes of Crantock, 1686-1744

1686 - 1744 tithes

 papers of the Basset family relating to wrecks, 1683-1867

1683 - 1867 wrecking

letters of the Enys family, Falmouth merchants, 1667-97

1667 - 1697 trade commerce
HF/16/35 & 37-9

 legal papers regarding Helford river fishing, c.1659

1659   law

Admiralty commission to Francis Basset and others for inspecting goods and merchandise from pirate ship at St Ives, 1623

1623   law piracy

letter to John Nance regarding coastal defence, 1597


 letter of Arthur Harris to John Nance regarding threat of Spanish to coast, c.1590

1590   coastall defence

letter of Lord Paulet to John Nance requesting him to watch for wrecks in manors, 1589

1589   wrecks

 papers relating to coinage of tin, 1568-1753, notably 145g, merchants' petition to the King, seventeenth century, regarding trade; 146a, export accounts of Penzance and Truro, 1660-1

1568 - 1661 trade

paper relating to St Michael's Mount and Penwith, 1396-1663, including relating to pilchard and herring fisheries, fish tithes, quays

1396 - 1663 fishing