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Name: Cambridge University, Scott Polar Research Institute
Postal address: Lensfield Road

Town: Cambridge
Post code: CB2 1ER
Telephone: 01223 336540
Web address:

6 documents found for Cambridge University, Scott Polar Research Institute:

Code Description Date Keywords
MS 1805

William Mogg, captain of the schooner Bonanza: diary of journey from the Arctic to San Francisco 1905-6.

1905 - 1906 officer voyages arctic
MS 1835

Robert Falcon Scott, Captain RN, Antarctic explorer: additional letters, including his last letters from his South Polar expedition 1909-12.

1909 - 1912 officer Antarctic expedition exploration
MS 1856

Sir Walter William Herbert, polar explorer, writer and artist: correspondence, plans and papers relating to his expedition to the North Pole 1967-9.

1967 - 1969 expedition exploration Arctic North Pole
MS 1939

Admiral Sir George Strong Nares, Arctic explorer: diary relating to his Arctic expedition, 1875-6.

1875 - 1876 exploration expedition officers Arctic
MS 1940

Captain Robert Falcon Scott RN, Antarctic explorer: log book as a midshipman 1883-7.

1883 - 1887 midshipman officers Antarctica exploration
MS 2099

William Burton, stoker RN: papers, incl papers rel to British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913 1910-1977

1910 - 1977 Antarctic exploration polar expedition seaman mariner stoker Royal Navy