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Name: King's College London, Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives
Postal address: King's College
Town: London
Post code: WC2R 2LS
Telephone: 020 7848 2015
Web address:

4 documents found for King's College London, Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives:

Code Description Date Keywords

Farrier Sergeant Richard E. Pyle: diary of a voyage to Sudan made by Royal Irish Lancers, 1885.

  Sudan travel regiment

Vice Admiral Ian Lachlan Mackay McGeoch: papers including correspondence, articles, research notes and press cuttings relating to UK and European defence, training and McGeoch's biography of Lord Mountbatten 1955-1999.

1955 - 1999 Mountbatten officers defence

Henry Reynardson Hewlett, Captain RN: papers including records relating to Operation Dracula and a brief account of 17 Destroyer Flotilla's service (1989) 1941-45.

1941 - 1945 destroyers Rangoon Burma Myanmar officer

Stanley Brian de Courcy Ireland, Captain RN: notes relating to HMS Ajax 1939-44.

1939 - 1944 light cruiser River Plate Tobruk