Modules in Cornwall

Level 1 modules

Module Credits
Academic Group Tutorials 0
History Foundation Course 30
People's History I: Everyday Life 15
People's History II: Politics, Place and Identity 15
Public History I 30
World History 1: Globalisation 15
World History 2: Science, Environment and Sustainability 15

Level 2 modules

Module Credits
American Slavery since Abolition (1865-to the Present) 15
Celtic Studies 15
Early Modern History 1500-1700: A Social History 15
Germany 1500-Present: A Cultural History 15
Humanities in the Workplace (Penryn) 15
Militarism, Authoritarianism and Modernisation: Japan from 1800 to 1945 15
Organised Crime in USA 15
Past Actions, Present Woes: History and Anthropogenic Climate Change 15
Perspectives on Sources: Independent Study Project in the Humanities 30
Public History Project 30
The Cultures of the Sciences from the Renaissance to the French Revolution 15

Level 3 modules

Module Credits
Britain and the Telecommunications Revolution 30
Gender, Power and Identity in Early Modern England 30
General Third Year Dissertation 30
Interdisciplinary Final-Year Dissertation in English and History 30
Interdisciplinary Final-Year Dissertation in History and Politics 30
Pasts and Presents: British Historical Culture, c. 1600-1900 30
Thatcher and Thatcherism 30
The First World War: Interrogating the Myths 30
The Three Klans: Ethno-Politics in the 19th and 20th Century US 30
Witchcraft and Magic in Literature 30