Modules in Cornwall

Level 1 modules

Module Credits
Academic Group Tutorials 0
History Foundation Course 30
People's History I: Everyday Life 15
People's History II: Politics, Place and Identity 15
Public History I 30
World History 1: Globalisation 15
World History 2: Science, Environment and Sustainability 15

Level 2 modules

Module Credits
American Slavery Since Abolition (1865-to the present) 15
British Imperialism in the Middle East, 1882-1956 30
Celtic Identities: History, Literature and Politics 30
Early Modern History 1500-1700: A Social History 15
Militarism, Authoritarianism and Modernisation: Japan from 1800 to 1945 15
Organised Crime in USA 15
Past Actions, Present Woes, Future Possibilities: History in the Anthropocene 30
Perspectives on Sources: Independent Study Project in the Humanities 30
Public History Project 30
The Cultures of the Sciences from the Renaissance to the French Revolution 15
The Occult in Victorian Britain 15

Level 3 modules

Module Credits
Britain and the Telecommunications Revolution 30
Celtic Politics since 1880: 4 Celtic Nations 30
Early Modern Histories: Landscape, Place and Identity, c. 1500-1750 30
General Third Year Dissertation 30
Interdisciplinary Third-Year Dissertation in English and History 30
Interdisciplinary Third-Year Dissertation in History and Politics 30
Pasts and presents: British historical culture, c. 1600-1900 30
Thatcher and Thatcherism 30
The First World War: Interrogating the Myths 30
The Politics of Nature: Sustaining the British Environment 1600 to the Present 30
The Three Klans: Ethno-Politics in the 19th and 20th Century US 30