Dr Charlotte Tupman

Research interests

  • Encoding and digital publication of textual materials
  • Development of international standards for encoding ancient texts
  • Linked Open Data for humanities source materials
  • Digital prosopography
  • User engagement and crowdsourcing

Upcoming conference papers:

The Digital Dissolution: developing new criticial and comparative perspectives on the end of monasticism in Europe, with James G. Clark, Monasteries in the Digital Humanities (Kraków-Tyniec, 2017)

Towards a Digital Classics Infrastructure and Strategy, panel at Classical Association Conference (Canterbury, 2017)

Recent conference papers:

Networking Ancient Person-Data: community building and user studies around the SNAP:DRGN project, in Linked Ancient World Data panel with Gabriel Bodard, Leif Isaksen et al., Digital Humanities 2016 (Kraków, 2016)

Mapping Multilingual Responses to Famine and Dearth in the Early Modern Landscapes of India and Britain (with Hannah Petrie, Rich Holding and Gary Stringer) Digital Humanities 2016 (Kraków, 2016)

The Redress of the Past: Historical Pageants in Twentieth-Century Britain (contributing author, with Angela Bartie, Linda Fleming, Mark Freeman, Tom Hulme and Paul Readman) International Committee of Historical Sciences 22nd Congress (Jinan, China, 2015)

Pageants: the People's History (contributing author, with Angela Bartie, Linda Fleming, Mark Freeman, Tom Hulme and Paul Readman) Institute of Historical Research summer school in local history (London, 2015)

Neo-Latin Poetry in English Manuscripts, 1550-1700 (with Victoria Moul) Digital Classicist seminar (London, 2014)

Rethinking Text Re-use as Digital Classicists (panel) Digital Humanities 2014 (Lausanne, 2014)

Sharing Ancient Wisdoms: Transforming Old Sayings Into Linked Data (with Elvira Wakelnig) Easy Tools for Difficult Texts workshop (Den Haag, 2013)

Contemporary solutions to retrieve and publish information in ancient documents using RDF and Islandora (contributing author, with Anna Jordanous and Alan Stanley) Digital Humanities 2013 (Lincoln, Nebraska, 2013)

Reusing modern tools and techniques to reproduce and research ancient texts (contributing author, with Anna Jordanous and Alan Stanley) Open Repositories 2013 (Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2013)

Ex Vulgus Scientia: Approaching Roman Archaeology with Crowdsourcing Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (King's College London, 2013)

Contemporary transformation of ancient documents for recording and retrieving maximum information: When one form of markup is not enough (with Anna Jordanous & Alan Stanley) Balisage: The Markup Conference 2012 (Montreal, 2012)

Sharing Ancient Wisdoms: Developing Structures for tracking cultural dynamics by linking moral and philosophical anthologies with their source and recipient texts (with Anna Jordanous) Digital Humanities 2012 (Hamburg, 2012)

Developing Structures for tracking cultural dynamics Methods and Means for Digital Analysis of Classical and Medieval Texts and Manuscripts workshop (Leuven, 2012)

Digital Epigraphy beyond the Classical: creating (inter?)national standards for recording modern and early modern gravestones Digital Classicist Seminar (London, 2012)

Sharing Ancient Wisdoms by linking gnomologia with their source and recipient texts, with special reference to the Muhtār al-ḥikam by Mubashshir and the Bocados de Oro (contributing author, with Christoph Storz) Coloquio Anual de la FIDEM (Madrid, 2012)

Sharing Ancient Wisdoms: Developing Structures for Charting Textual Transfer (with Charlotte Roueché) Digital Classicist Seminar (London, 2011)