Professor Andrew Thorpe

Research interests

My research centres on twentieth-century British political history, the history of party and policymaking, and international Communism in the era of the Communist International. I have worked extensively on the history of the Labour party, and also on Communist party history, but my interests are not confined to the parties of the left.

Recent project

My latest book, published by OUP in January 2009, investigates the organisation of all the major parties in Britain during the Second World War. This project was funded by the British Academy and the AHRC and made extensive use of constituency-level records, as well as national party records and the papers of politicians.

Current projects

I am currently researching the life and career of Arthur Henderson (1863-1935), with the support of a British Academy award. Henderson was a pivotal figure in the early history of the Labour party, one of its first MPs, three times its leader, architect of its 1918 constitution, and a senior minister in the first two Labour governments of 1924 and 1929-31. He was also important as a leading lay Wesleyan Methodist, and as a trade unionist, while in his later years he emerged as one of Labour's foremost experts on foreign policy. After serving as Foreign Secretary between 1929 and 1931, he went on to serve as president of the World Disarmament Conference at Geneva (1932-4), being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1934. This major figure lacks a detailed modern biography covering all aspects of his work: this project aims to use hitherto under-utilised sources to provide such a study.

Recent conference and research seminar papers

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