Photo of Professor Andrew Thorpe

Professor Andrew Thorpe

Public engagement

I believe firmly that there is no dichotomy between the academic world on the one hand and an imaginary 'real world' on the other. Each needs the other. With that in view, I am keenly committed to wider engagement between the two. In my own case this involves participation in a number of activities, including speaking to groups of enthusiasts about aspects of Labour history, working with the History and Policy group on trade unions, and - in my role as Dean - attempting to form partnerships with external bodies for the benefit of our staff and research students.

Contribution to discipline

I have been the Honorary Editor of the Devon and Cornwall Record Society since 1998 (see

I am a member of the Editorial Boards of the following journals:

  • Contemporary British History
  • Journal of Maltese History
  • Twentieth Century Communism 


I appear from time to time on radio and TV. I was the guest on BBC Parliament's BookTalk when the 3rd edition of my History of the British Labour Party was published, and have most recently appeared on the BBC News Channel commenting on the Labour party's relationship with the trade unions. I also write periodically in the press.