Dr David Thackeray


I am an HEA fellow.

My teaching is closely informed by my research. In summer 2015 I organised an exhibition at the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum in Exeter based on my AHRC fellowship research. This has subsequently formed the basis of several special collections seminars with students.

In addition, the Yes Minister special subject is informed by my work with History & Policy and civil servants. In September 2015 Richard Toye and myself organised a History Lab event with History & Policy at HM Treasury. I have since repeated the History Lab exercise with students, who are encouraged to consider themselves in the role of civil servants making use of historical thinking in policy-making. 

The course also builds on my training with the AHRC/Institute for Government 'Engaging with Government' programme. We discuss recent IfG reports on governmental practice, as well as more conventional historical sources and students are encouraged to consider the processes of action planning within the civil service.

Modules taught