Dr Ljubica Spaskovska


I completed a PhD in History at Exeter University in 2014. Between 2009 and 2014 I was also part - both as a full-time research fellow and as a research collaborator - of the University of Edinburgh based project 'Europeanisation of citizenship in the successor states of the former Yugoslavia' (CITSEE) (http://citsee.eu/.

I received an MA in Central European History from the Central European University (Budapest) in 2009 and an MA in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe from the Universities of Bologna and Sarajevo in 2007. I did my undergraduate studies in Macedonia and at Duke University (U.S.A.) and I had previsouly worked as a project assistant at the Macedonain Academy of Sciences and Arts, in the civil society sectors in Macedonia and in Kosovo and as a literary translator from French.