Photo of Dr Gajendra Singh

Dr Gajendra Singh

Public engagement

Historical Consultant to 'Subtarranean Sepoys' by Avin Shah (supported by the TARA Arts and the National Theatre).

Blog Post: 'Reading the Embattled Text: Muslim Sipahis of the Indian Army and Sheikh Ahmad's Dream, 1915-1918'; The Many-Headed Monster: The History of the 'Unruly Sort of Clowns and Other Early Modern Peculiarities


Contributor to 'Other Voices, Other Battles', ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), June 2014.

Contributor to 'World War 2 in Asia', Episodes 1 and 2. Islam Channel, July 2015.

Interviewee for 'Soldiers of the Empire', BBC Radio 4, 15th and 22nd October 2014.

Interviewee for various stories in the Indian Press. (Eg., 'Were Army Pay and Perks Better Under the British'; Times of India, 6th July 2015; 'Book Busts War Myth: Rules Out Ghadar Connection in Singapore Mutiny, The Indian Express, 7th August 2014, etc.).