Photo of Dr Hester Schadee

Dr Hester Schadee


At Exeter, I teach or have taught:

Level 1: 
-‘Renaissance Florence 1350-1550’ (HIH 1612).
-‘Understanding the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds’ (HIH 1410). 

Level 2: 
-‘Inventing Modern Man: Constructions of the Mind, Body and the Individual, 1400-1800’ (HIH 2137A).
-Doing History: Perspectives on Sources’ (HIH 2001)

Level 3:
Heroes: Conceptions, Constructions and Representations’ (HIH 3626). 
‘History Dissertation’ (HIH 3005).

MA (taught):
-'Critical Approaches to Early Modern History' (HISM001)
-‘Theory and Practice of History I and II’ (HISM 169 and HISM 170). 

I have also given occasional lectures in 'Approaches to History’ (HIH 1401) and 'Uses of the Past’ (HIH 2002).