Photo of Dr Hester Schadee

Dr Hester Schadee

Lecturer in European History, 1450 - 1750


Extension: 2071

Telephone: 01392 722071

I am a cultural and intellectual historian, with a focus on renaissance Italy. I am also interested in the afterlife of the ancient world up to the present, and in the history of political thought.

Recent publications include ‘Ancient Texts and Holy Bodies: Humanist Hermeneutics and the Language of Relics’, in For the Sake of Learning: Essays in honor of Anthony Grafton, eds. A. Blair and A. Goeing (Brill: 2016), 675-91 (a chapter on the humanist book hunters Petrarch and Poggio that examines their descriptions of the ancient texts and authors they recovered and ‘brought back to life’); and ‘The First Vernacular Caesar: Pier Candido Decembrio’s Translation for Inigo d’Avalos. With Editions and Translations of Both Prologues’, Viator 46, 1 (2015), 277-304 (an edition with commentary and translation of the humanist Pier Candido Decembrio’s prefaces to his Italian translation - the first in any vernacular -  of Julius Caesar’s Commentarii).  

I am currently completing a monograph on the reception of Julius Caesar in renaissance Italy, and have started a second book project entitled ‘Cult of Antiquity: How Christian Habits Shaped Humanism’.