Photo of Dr Laura Sangha

Dr Laura Sangha

Public engagement

I am always looking for opportunities to talk to new and non-specialist audiences about my research. I co-author a blog, the many-headed monster, where I post on my research, teaching, the discipline and academic life. I am also a #twitterstorian @_drsang. In the past I have been involved in various forms of public engagement:

  • Talk on early modern ghost beliefs, Torquay museum, October 2017
  • Author of posts for #FolkloreThursday
  • Talk on early modern print culture to volunteers from Wells Cathedral chained library, November 2014.
  • Talk on Exeter's martyr memorial to the Walronds History Group, Cullompton, October 2014.
  • Transatlantic video-conference on Puritans and Puritan culture with students at Arts High, Newark, New Jersey, September 2013.
  • Presentation on the reign of Henry VIII at a teacher training day in Plymouth, to teachers and PGCE students from across the south-west, October 2012.
  • Talk on Tudor government, rebellion and popular protest to Bishop Wordsworth School Sixth Form, November 2012.
  • Talk on angels and belief to Historical Association, Exeter Branch, December 2011.
  • Consultant for 'Goat and Monkey' theatre company, undertaking research for the production 'A Little Neck': an immersive performance about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, staged at Hampton Court Palace, September 2009.