Dr Richard Ward


I have ten years' experience of designing and teaching history modules at university level. This has included:

  • The history of crime, justice and punishment in Britain, c.1700-1850
  • The social and cultural history of early modern Europe
  • Early modern English local history
  • Digital history

I am passionate about student-centred teaching and am committed to making learning as interactive, engaging and fulfilling as possible.

My aim is to provide students with the skills and encouragement to enable them to learn for themselves, both in their degree and their subsequent careers.

In terms of digital history in particular, I want students to do three key things:

  1.  Explore how digital technologies have been applied to the researching and writing of history.
  2.  Critically assess the extent to which this represents a truly significant change from previous, non-digital approaches.
  3.  Get hands on and practice using these digital technologies themselves.


Modules taught