Dr Richard Ward

Research interests

In general, I research crime, justice and punishment in Britain, c.1700-1850. Specifically, I have investigated:

  • The reporting of crime and justice in print culture
  • Capital punishment and the treatment of the criminal corpse
  • Record-keeping about convicts
  • Convict lives

I am particularly interested in digitial approaches to the subject, and have been involved in the development of several major digital history projects, including:

My current research focuses on how the "character" of offenders was defined and recorded in nineteenth-century England, and what impact an offender's perceived character had upon their treatment within the criminal justice system.

I have previously received funding from the following sources:

  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of Sheffield
  • Department of History, University of Sheffield
  • Marc Fitch fund
  • Institute of Historical Research
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)