Dr Catherine Rider

Research supervision

I am happy to supervise research students interested in the religious culture of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century England, especially topics relating to magic, popular religion, pastoral care and marriage; and students interested in the interaction between medicine, religion and society.

I am happy to discuss research proposals in these areas.  If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch, sending a 500-word outline of your proposed research topic and a CV.

Research students

In Progress

As 1st Supervisor

Hannah West, Rural Piety: Religious Houses and the Cura Animarum in Parochial Somerset (jointly supervised with Sarah Hamilton)

Tamsin Gardner, Monastic Wellbeing and Healthcare in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century England

As 2nd Supervisor

Tabitha Stanmore, Gender and Magic in England, c.1350-1650 (South West and Wales Doctoral Studentship; first supervisor Prof. Ronald Hutton, Bristol University)


Christopher Wilson: The Dissemination of Vision Narratives of the Otherworld in Thirteenth-Century England (jointly supervised with Sarah Hamilton) (completed 2012)

Edward Mullins: Using cognitive science to think about the twelfth century: revisiting the individual in twelfth-century Latin texts (jointly supervised with Julia Crick) (completed 2011)