Dr Matthias Reiss


I was born in Hamburg (Germany) where I also started my academic career as a student of History, Political Science and Economics in 1989. After various jobs at the University of Hamburg I received a fellowship from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, to work as Teaching Assistant and study U.S. History under the supervision of Prof. Roger Daniels.

After being awarded an M.A. 'with distinction' in 1995 I returned to Hamburg to start researching for my Ph.D. From 1995 to 1997 I also worked part-time as an Export Merchant for hotel kitchen equipment until receiving a five-month research fellowship from the German Historical Institute in Washington, DC. After returning to Germany I joined the University of the Federal Armed Forces / Helmut-Schmidt-University as Research Assistant at the Chair for Modern Western European History where I remained until 2001.

In 2000 I was awarded a Ph.D. ‘summa cum laude' for my thesis on the impact of race on the American prisoner of war programme during World War Two from the University of Hamburg. I was appointed Research Fellow at the German Historical Institute London in February 2002 and I joined the University of Exeter in March 2007 as Lecturer for Modern History. Since March 2012 I am Senior Lecturer for Modern History.