Photo of Dr Simon Peplow

Dr Simon Peplow

Public engagement

I believe that public dissemination of my research through external impact activities can be of great interest and cultural, social, and political benefit to underrepresented communities. 

I am in the process of organising a public workshop on the 1980s 'riots', in relation to contemporary society. This will include papers and talks from academics and representatives of organisations concerned with relevant issues.

I have been involved with the GW4 Modern British Politics and Political History research group, have contributed public engagement pieces to various local/national media and websites such as the BBC and The Conversation, and have presented my research to Home Office civil servants following an invitation by History & Policy. I aim to build upon existing links with History & Policy, and am currently in discussions to organise an engagement workshop and produce a policy paper regarding public inquiries and policing of public disorder.


I have made various contributions to the BBC News website, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Somerset, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC Wiltshire, and pieces for The Conversation, Bristol PostWestern Morning News, History Workshop Online, The History of Parliament, Politics Home, and other media outlets related to my research and its contemporary significance.