Photo of Dr Simon Peplow

Dr Simon Peplow

Lecturer (E&S)


I am a historian of modern British race and immigration history, with research interests in broader modern social and political history - especially of Britain and the United States. My work combines aspects of social, political, and cultural history, engaging with ideas of political participation and engagement, and questioning the extent to which collective violence involving black communities in Britain can be viewed within the 'collective bargaining by riot' framework.

I am currently reworking my PhD for publication as a monograph, finalising a number of journal articles, and applying for postdoc funding for my next project. Through oral history interviews and recently-released records, this will extend my analysis of the political tactics of black communities in Britain throughout the decade of the 1980s, comparing and examining the links between anti-racist and anti-apartheid groups in Thatcher's Britain, as well as investigating the changing nature of political protest.