Photo of Dr Marc-William Palen

Dr Marc-William Palen

Public engagement

*Co-Director (with David Thackeray and Andrew Dilley), History & Policy Global Economics and History Forum, (2016-). The forum brings together academics, business groups, policy makers and the public interested in how understandings of historical trade relations can inform current policy debates through policy workshops and public seminars, in collaboration with History & Policy (King's College, London, and Cambridge University) and the Centre for Imperial and Global History at the University of Exeter.

Media appearances

"The Trade War that America Started - And Canada Won," Ozy (9 Dec. 2016).

"The 'Conspiracy' of Free Trade," New Books Network (30 Aug. 2016).

Protectionism in the USA,” BBC Radio 4 Analysis (30 May 2016).

The ‘Conspiracy’ of Free Trade: Interview with Marc-William Palen,” Daily History (24 April 2016).

Trump’s Protectionism,” BBC World, Business Matters (23 March 2016, at 27:00 in).

A ‘Conspiracy’ of Free Trade,” Matt Lewis Show (15 March 2016).