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Photo of Dr Ayesha Nathoo

Dr Ayesha Nathoo

Honorary University Fellow


01392 724249


I am a cultural historian of modern medicine, and I have been awarded a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship for the project “Cultivating Relaxation in Twentieth-Century Britain”. I am exploring ways in which relaxation practices have acquired therapeutic value in medical and popular arenas, particularly in relation to chronic-disease prevention, pain management and stress reduction.

I am also a collaborator on the Wellcome-funded Hubbub project, exploring notions of rest and busyness in modern life.

My past research has focused primarily on heart disease and organ transplantation and I am the author of Hearts Exposed: Transplants and the Media in 1960s Britain (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009).

My other key areas of interest include:

  • Lifestyle, health and wellbeing
  • The relationship between science, medicine and the media
  • Global health
  • Medical humanitarianism

Modules taught


I joined the Centre for Medical History at the University of Exeter in October 2014 on a three-year Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship.

Prior to that I was a Research Fellow in Arts and Humanities at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. My first degree was in Natural Sciences at Cambridge, after which I undertook an MPhil and PhD in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science.

I am also currently an Affiliated Research Scholar of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge; a collaborator on the Hubbub project at the Wellcome Collection, London; and a Research Fellow at the Science Museum, London.