Photo of Dr Martin Moore

Dr Martin Moore

Associate Research Fellow in Medical History


Extension: 3708

Telephone: 01392 723708

I am an historian of twentieth century British biomedicine, with a particular focus on the social, institutional and cultural histories of health services. My PhD, completed in 2014, examined the development of diabetes management strategies in Britain over the twentieth century. In particular, it analysed how the increasing bureaucratisation of patient surveillance produced a greater focus on managing professionals in diabetes care - a development, I argued, closely connected with neoliberal drives to ensure "quality" in the NHS. In my new role as an Associate Research Fellow, I will be working with Professor Mark Jackson and Dr Alison Haggett to investigate the manner in which class and gender norms have been embedded in the changing concepts and practices of "balance" in twentieth-century chronic disease care.

My general research interests are in the histories of:

  • Chronic diseases and their medical and political management.
  • Neoliberalism
  • Bureaucracy and managerialism in health care.
  • Post-war public health
  • The NHS (in particular, the history of general practice)
  • Measurement of quality care