Photo of Professor James Mark

Professor James Mark

Research supervision

I am willing  to supervise work on the social, cultural and political history of modern central-eastern Europe. I am particularly keen to work with research students who are interested in the socio-cultural and memory studies approaches to the study of state socialism and post-socialism, and in connecting the region to broader global histories and processes through transnational and comparative methods. I can also offer particular expertise in the use of oral history and the source bases created by state socialism. 


Research students

Recent and current PhD students: 

Ljubica Spaskovska, studying supranationalism in late socialist Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav cultures

Agata Drelova,  studying national memory and religion in late socialist and post-socialist Slovakia.

James Koranyi,  studying postwar identities of the Romanian Germans

Anna Sheftel, studying the politics of memory and reconciliation in post-conflict Bosnia

Karoly Konecsny,  studying the German occuaption of Hungary in 1944.