Photo of Dr Aleksandra Koutny-Jones

Dr Aleksandra Koutny-Jones

Honorary University Fellow

I am an art historian with a particular interest in the art and architecture of Central Europe, especially Poland. Much of my work traces the artistic and cultural links between Western and Central Europe in the early-modern period, dealing with subjects such as macabre art, orientalising fashions and portraiture, and the development and impact of the printed image. In addition to my art historical research, I am a trained museologist; I have worked in curatorial and educational roles in the museum and gallery sector, and maintain a broad research interest in museological topics.

Research interests




‘Visual Cultures of Death in Central Europe: Contemplation and Commemoration in Early Modern Poland-Lithuania’, Leiden (Brill) 2016.


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Book chapters: History of Art

• ‘Echoes of the East: Glimpses of the “Orient” in British and Polish-Lithuanian  Portraiture of the Eighteenth Century’, in R. Unger ed., Britain and Poland-Lithuania: Contact and Comparison from the Middle Ages to 1795, Leiden 2008 (Brill), pp. 401-419.


Journal articles: Museum Studies

• ‘A Macabre Mystery: The Wellcome Library’s Dance of Death’, Wellcome History, L , Summer 2012, pp. 14-16.

Also available online:

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I hold a MA in History of Art from the University of Cambridge (1999-2002) as well as an MA in Museology from the University of East Anglia (2007-2008). My PhD (University of Cambridge, 2003-2007) examined the preoccupation with death in the Baroque art of the Kingdom of Poland. I have taught on art historical and museological topics at several universities and have worked in curatorial and educational roles in the museum and gallery sector.