Photo of Dr Jennifer Farrell

Dr Jennifer Farrell

Lecturer in Medieval History


Extension: 5405

Telephone: 01392 725405

I joined the department of History at the University of Exeter as a lecturer in medieval history (E&S) in September 2014. My research and teaching interests span a number of areas including most especially the political, social and cultural histories of late medieval England and France. In particular, I am interested in the representation of the supernatural in medieval writings and its value for historians seeking to understand the political, social and cultural experiences of the time.

In 2012 I completed my PhD at University College Dublin with a dissertation on the classical and Christian inheritance of Geoffrey of Monmouth, and examined the representation of prophecy and the figure of the prophet himself in Geoffrey’s two earliest works: Prophetia Merlini and Historia regum Britanniae. I am currently reworking this material for publication.

I am also currently working on a separate project which explores twelfth-and-thirteenth-century representations and discussions of magic as evidence for shifting expressions of male social and gendered identities. This research aims at providing a fresh examination of the variety of ways in which masculine identity was established, reaffirmed, or challenged through engagement with the supernatural. It does this by considering the ways in which a study of magic can offer important insights into a number of social and intellectual developments that occurred during the high middle ages and which caused a reconfiguration of how masculine identity could be asserted, if not a reconfiguration of what that masculine identity was.

At Exeter, I teach modules across the undergraduate curriculum and supervise postgraduate students working on their own research projects.