Dr Stacey Hynd

Research interests

My main research interests are in the history of law, violence and punishment in Africa, particularly during the colonial period. My doctoral research focused on the use of the death penalty in Britain’s African colonies, using this to explore the nature of colonial rule, and attitudes to murder and criminality. I am currently working on revising my thesis, ‘Imperial Gallows: Capital Punishment, Violence and Colonial Rule in Britain’s African Territories, c.1908-68’ for publication. I have conducted archival research in Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania and Jamaica. I also research criminal law in the British Empire and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  I am interested more widely in African gender histories, histories of youth and childhood,  violence and warfare in Africa, and in imperial and global history. My current British Academy/Leverhulme funded research project is on 'Children at War: A History of Child Combatants in Twentieth-Century Africa'. My other ongoing research project focuses on the development of human rights and humanitarian discourses in West Africa, with a particular focus on Ghana.