Photo of Dr Hao Gao

Dr Hao Gao

Public engagement

I was a special correspondent on Scottish independence referendum for Hong Kong Economic Journal (Xinbao Caijing Xinwen), one of Hong Kong's leading newspapers.

Contribution to discipline

I directed and contributed to an online project on the history of Sino-British cultural exchange for the Academy of Chinese Studies, Hong Kong.

I was invited to advise on Gale's database 'China from Empire to Republic' and have published an introductory essay online.


With a keen interest in East-West communication, I have experience promoting mutual understandings between China and the West, especially via sports:

I was a press supervisor of the Main Press Centre (MPC), Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

I started China's first column in which western culture and English language are introduced and taught via sports.  

I acted as an interpreter and programme facilitator for several world-class athletes (mainly NBA basketball players, e.g. Shaquille O'Neal) when they visited China.