Photo of Professor Sarah Hamilton

Professor Sarah Hamilton

Research supervision

I am happy to supervise research students interested in investigating the religious, social and cultural history of  medieval England and the mainland Europe, especially in the years roughly 800 to 1200 AD.

I am especially keen to supervise students on the following topics:

  • medieval Church (or rather ecclesiastical institutions)
  • medieval liturgy
  • medieval ritual
  • medieval bishops and medieval priests
  • medieval heresy
  • ecclesiastical thought
  • pastoral care
  • penance
  • excommunication



Research students

Current Students

  • Hannah West, 'Rural Piety: Religious Houses and the Cura Animarum in Parochial Somerset' (AHRC funded, with Catherine Rider)
  • Tom Chadwick, 'Men of 'High Emotion'? Emotion in Anglo-Norman Society of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries' (with Helen Birkett)
  • Ryan Kemp, ‘Images of Kingship in English and German Chronicles in the Twelfth Century' (supervised with Professor Björn Weiler (University of Aberystwyth); funded by AHRC South West and Wales DTP award)
  • Carole Lomas, 'Reconstructing the Development of the Early Medieval Church, with Somerset as a Case Study' (supervised with Oliver Creighton)
  • Lenneke van Raaij, 'After Empire: Using and Not Using the Past in the Crisis of the Carolingian World, 900-1050: the Liturgical Sources' (HERA funded)

Former Students

  • George House, 'Understanding the End of Time: Decoding the Ethical Apocalyptic Trend at the Turn of the First Millennium' (University funded)
  • Matthew Mesley, 'The Construction of Episcopal Identity : the Meaning and Function of Episcopal Depictions within Latin Saints' Lives of the Long Twelfth Century' (AHRC funded)
  • Tamsin Rowe, 'Blessings for Nature in the English Liturgy, c. 900-1200' (AHRC funded)
  • Michael Williams, 'Medieval Devon Roodscreens'  ( with Nicholas Orme)
  • Christopher Wilson, 'The Dissemination of Vision Narratives of the Otherworld in Thirteenth-Century England and northern France' (University funded, with Catherine Rider)
  • Arnold Shipp, ' William of Wykeham and the Founding of Winchester College' (with Nicholas Orme)