Photo of Dr Raluca Grosescu

Dr Raluca Grosescu

Research interests

My main research interest is transitional justice in post-dictatorial societies, particularly in Eastern Europe and Latin America. My current project analyses the trials held against former authoritarian leaders in post-communist Bulgaria, Romania and Germany and post-dictatorial Argentina and Paraguay. It specifically focuses on the role of law and criminal justice in shaping the understanding of the fall of dictatorial regimes and their aftermath. The project addresses, from a global/comparative perspective, four main theoretical questions of justice in transition which have been previously either overlooked or examined only in a national and regional context: (1) the relationship between the individual biographies of judicial officials and the general course of transitional justice; (2) the role of trials in writing the history of the former regime and of its breakdown; (3) the transformation of legal culture and the impact that it had on retrospective justice; and (4) the internationalization of domestic processes of dealing with the past.

Research collaborations

I am currently,co-editing with Dr. Agata Fijalkowski (University of Lancaster) a collection on transitional criminal justice in post-dictatorial and post-conflict societies for Intersentia's Series on Transitional Justice (forthcoming)