Photo of Dr Raluca Grosescu

Dr Raluca Grosescu

Associate Research Fellow


Extension: 6505

Telephone: 01392 726505

I am currently an Associate Research Fellow working on the project 1989 after 1989: The fall of state-socialism in global perspective. This collaborative research project, lead by Professor James Mark, is funded by the Leverhulme Trust through a Research Leadership Award. My research interests centre on transitional criminal justice in post-dictatorial Eastern Europe and Latin America. I particularly look at the relationship between accountability for human rights violations, legal culture and individual biographies in times of profound political change. I also try to connect the two regions to broader global processes of dealing with the past through transnational and comparative methods. I have previously worked on the political conversion of the former communist elites in post-1989 Eastern Europe, with a special focus on Romania. My book Les communistes dans l'après-communisme. Trajectoires de conversion politique de la nomenklatura roumaine après 1989 was published in 2010 at Michel Houdiard, Paris. Currently, I am co-editing with Dr. Agata Fijalkowski (University of Lancaster) a collection on transitional criminal justice in post-dictatorial and post-conflict societies for Intersentia's Series on Transitional Justice (forthcoming).