Photo of Professor Henry French

Professor Henry French

Research supervision

I am particularly interested to supervise undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations on various areas of seventeenth and eighteenth century social and economic history, including those on themes such as demographic or agricultural change, the social order, gender identity, crime, government, poverty, marriage and the family, industries and regions. I am also happy to supervise dissertations on other early modern themes, such as seventeenth century politics, popular religion and culture, and aspects of women's history. I can also give advice on using a range of sources particularly those relating to parish government, estate management, government and poor law administration, and printed pamphlets and newspapers.

Research students

Kevin Cahill working on landownership in Devon from the Return of Owners of Land in 1876 to c. 1950

Heather Walker working on British women travellers in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

Robert Nantes working on bankrupts and bankruptcy in England from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth centuries

Derek Janes working on the business career and smuggling activities of John Nisbet of Tweedmouth, 1750-1800

Marion Hardy working on travellers in Devon parishes 1600-1780