Dr Fabrizio Bigotti

Research interests

Fabrizio Bigotti is a specialist in History and Philosophy of Science, with a particular emphasis on the Renaissance and Early Modern Medicine and Technology. He has also a strong background on classics, which makes him also an expert in History of the Ancient Philosophy, especially on the tradition of Aristotle's and Galen's works. His academic interests are mainly focused on Philosophy of Science, History of Ideas and History of Technology. 

Dr Bigotti is also a musician and musicologist with a good record of monographs and papers on early music. In fact, as Ensemble Director he has recently issued a CD on the unpublished manuscripts by Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652) discovered at the Palazzo Altemps in Rome (Gregorio Allegri, Unpublished Works from the ‘Collectio Altaemps’, Musica Flexanima Ensemble, TACTUS Records Italy, 2014).


Research collaborations

Along with Dr Jo Welsman, Dr Bigotti is cooperating with the University Technical College (UTC) of Newton Abbot in order to recreate the instrument of Santorio Santorio.