Photo of Dr Fabrizio Bigotti

Dr Fabrizio Bigotti

Public engagement

The Centre for Medical History is currently hosting a website and a blog on Dr Bigotti's project. The University of Exeter is also hosting a series of workshops on the theme "The Laboratory of Santorio" aiming at recreating the instruments of Santorio and understanding the emergence of precision measurements in science. 

Contribution to discipline

Honorary Researh Fellow of the Studio Firmano for the History of Medicine and Science (Studio Firmano - Fermo, Italy)

Corresponding Fellow of the Italian Academy for the History of Medicine (Accademia di Storia dell'Arte Sanitaria - Classe di Scienze Biologiche)

(2017) Folger Institute Research Fellow (Washington DC)

(2014) Edward Worth Research Fellow (Edwuard Worth Library, Dublin)

(2013) Frances A. Yates Research Fellow  (Warburg Institute - School for Advanced Studies, University of London)

(2012-2013) Fellow of the University "La Sapienza" (Rome)


Along with Dr Jo Welsman Dr Bigotti is involved in a series of media events on the life and scientific achievements of Santorio. For an introduction to such an activity please click on this introductory video. A website on the engaged aspect of the project is also available here