Dr Fabrizio Bigotti

Associate Research Fellow


Extension: 4249

Telephone: 01392 724249

Fabrizio Bigotti is currently Wellcome Trust Research Fellow working on the Emergence of Quantifying Procedures in Medicine at the End of the Renaissance. 

His research focuses in particular on Santorio Santori (1561-1636) who, along with William Harvey, has been considered one of the most influential physicians of the early modern science. Santorio was the first to study metabolism systematically for a period of more than 25 years and to determine by way of experiment the exact proprotion between ingested food, faeces and perspired matter (the so-called perspiratio insensibilis). He also invented many scientific instruments still used today (among them the thermometer and other clinic and surgical devices) and was the first to represent bodily functions as clockwork gears. Despite of this, he is a quite ignored figure by scholars. 

By analyzing Santorio's works and experiments, the project aims to fill a major gap in the comprehension of the beginning of scientific approach in medicine. Such a research follows Dr Bigotti's previous interests in the history of science, notably in the vitality of Aristotelianism and Galenism and their development in modern philosophy, mainly in areas such as theory of matter, taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, and psychology.