Dr Nelly Bekus

Associate Research Fellow


Extension: 6649

Telephone: 01392 726649

I am currently an Associate Research Fellow working on the project “1989 after 1989: The Fall of State-Socialism in a Global Perspective.” This collaborative research project, lead by Professor James Mark, is funded by the Leverhulme Trust through a Research Leadership Award.

My research interests lay in the after-life of the socialist legacy in post-Soviet capital cities, Minsk and Astana.  

I am interested in studying the capital cities' symbolic landscapes as an imaginary environment of political elites in the context of broader theoretical debates about the global role of strong states in shaping urban space during periods of modernization in Middle East, China, Latin America. This project explores the fate of second world urbanity in new political and social settings and makes important interventions into debates over changing patterns of urban development after the fall of state socialism.

I recently co-organized with Julie Buckler (Harvard University) the seminar "Contested Memory Sites in Post-Socialist Capitals" within the framework of the ACLA Annual Meeting (New York University).