Graduate Thesis title Award date Lead supervisor
Joan Abela The Impact of the Arrival of the Knights of St John on the Commercial Economy of Malta 1530 - 1565 21st Jan 13 Professor Maria Fusaro
Temilola Alanamu The Colonisation of Gender and Femininity in South West Nigeria (1980-1960) 9th Jun 15 Dr Stacey Hynd
Victoria Bates Not an Exact Science': Medical Approaches to Age and Sexual Offences in England, 1850-1914 21st Jan 13 Professor Sarah Toulalan
Timothy Beattie The Cruising Voyages of William Dampier, Woodes Rogers and George Shelvocke and Their Impact 10th Jun 13 Dr Michael Duffy
Thomas Beaumont Communists and Cheminots: Industrial Relations and Ideological Conflict in the French Railway Industry, 1919 - 1939 19th Dec 11 Professor Martin Thomas
Richard Berman The development of English Freemasonry and its social and political influences in the early 18th century. 31st Jan 11 Professor Jeremy Black
Tom Blaen Precious Stones in Early Modern Britain: Society, Culture and Belief 16th Jun 08 Professor Alexandra Walsham
Moira Bracknall Lord Spencer, Patronage and Commissioned Officers' Careers, 1794-1801 30th Jun 08 Professor Nicholas Rodger
Eugenie Buchan The Politics of Airpower in US-China Relations, 1928-1941 18th Nov 13 Professor Richard Overy
Nicholas Burkitt British Society and the Jews: A Study into the Impact of the Second World War Era and the Establishment of Israel, 1938-1948 23rd Jan 12 Professor Richard Overy
Jeffrey Burnard East Stonehouse Mid-Victorian Population 1851 - 1881 30th Mar 09 Dr Michael Duffy
Michael Callaghan John A. Costello: The Forgotten Taoiseach 13th Jul 09 Professor Andrew Thorpe
Alison Carrol The SFIO and National Integration: Regional Socialism and National Identity in Interwar Alsace 20th May 08 Professor Martin Thomas
Alexander Cattell The Social and Cultural Transformation of Madrid during the Late Franco Dictatorship (1959-1975) 18th Apr 11 Dr Tim Rees
Samantha Cavell Canseco A Social History of Young Gentlemen during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 19th Jul 10 Professor Nicholas Rodger
Tony Chamberlain 'Stokers - The Lowest of the Low?' A Social History of Royal Navy Stokers 1850-1950 21st Oct 13 Dr Roger Morriss
Pei-Ching Chen Crossing the Sexed and Gendered Boundaries: Changes in Conceptions of Body, Gender, and Sexual Behaviours in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Britain 10th Apr 12 Professor Kate Fisher
Philip Child The Heights of Modernity: Affluence, the Labour Party and the Modern Home 1945-1970. 1st Nov 16 Professor Andrew Thorpe
Paul Clemence German Underground Factories of the Second World War: An Essential Folly 2nd Mar 09 Professor Richard Overy
Edmund Clipson Security services in former British Colonies in South Asia 1945-50. 26th Apr 10 Professor Martin Thomas
Adam Coker What are the historical origins of permanent cultural transfer from France to Russia? 13th Jan 16 Dr Matthew Rendle
Gareth Cole The Office of Ordnance and the Arming of the Fleet in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1793-1815 30th Jun 08 Dr Michael Duffy
Coriann Convertito The Health of British Seamen in the West Indies, 1770 - 1806 29th Oct 12 Dr Roger Morriss
Bethan Coupland Heritage and Memory: Oral History and Mining Heritage in Wales and Cornwall 17th Jun 13 Dr Anna Green
Gareth Curless Economic Development, Labour Policy, and Trade Unions in the Sudan, 1898-1958 10th Jun 13 Professor Martin Thomas
Mervyn Davey As is the Manner and the Custom: Folk Tradition and Identity in Cornwall 30th Jan 12 Professor Philip Payton
Andrea Davies The locations and careers of provincial graduate medical practitioners in eighteenth-century England, with particular reference to Devon and Suffolk 7th Jan 09 Professor Jonathan Barry
David Davis Picturing the Invisible: Religious Printed Images in Elizabethan England 26th Oct 09 Professor Alexandra Walsham
John Day British Admiralty Control and Naval Power in the Indian Ocean (1793-1815) 29th Oct 12 Dr Roger Morriss
John Dirring History of banking in Cornwall. 18th Apr 16 Professor Alan Booth
Barbara Douglas In the Shadows of the Asylum: Narratives of Change and Stagnation, c. 1890-1930 16th Feb 09 Professor Mark Jackson
Agata Drelova The Development of the Public Sphere in Slovakia. 16th May 16 Professor James Mark
Marie Dunkerley Education Policies and the Development of the Colonial State in the Belgian Congo, 1916-1939 11th Jan 10 Professor Martin Thomas
Jennifer Evans Procreation, Pleasure and Provokers of Lust in Early Modern England, 1550 - 1780 14th Feb 11 Professor Sarah Toulalan
Michael Farquharson-Roberts To the Nadir and Back: The Executive Branch of the Royal Navy 1918-1939 11th Mar 13 Dr Michael Duffy
Gustavo Fernandez This is a test 3rd Oct 16 Andrew Pickering
Janet Few 11th Jan 10 Dr Bernard Deacon
James Freeman Liberal Words? Liberalism, Rhetoric and British Politics 1939-1970. 8th Jun 15 Professor Richard Toye
Juliet Gayton Tenants, Tenures and Transfers: The Landholding Experience of Rural Customary Tenants in Some Hampshire Downland Manors, 1645-1705 11th Nov 13 Professor Jane Whittle
James Goodchild R.V. Jones and the Birth of Scientific Intelligence 17th Jun 13 Professor Richard Toye
Rosemary Greener Faith, Fish, Farm or Family? The Impact of Kinship Links and Communities on Migration Choices and Residential Persistence in North Devon 1841 - 1901 23rd Nov 09 Dr Michael Duffy
Henry Guly Medical aspects of the expeditions of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (1895-1922) 15th Dec 15 Professor Mark Jackson
Alison Haggett Housewives, Neuroses and the Domestic Environment in Britain, 1945-1970 18th Feb 08 Professor Mark Jackson
Katy Hamblin 'Men of Brain and Brawn and Guts': The Professionalization of Marine Engineering in Britain, France and Germany, 1830 - 1914 30th Apr 12 Professor Nicholas Rodger
Richard Hammond The British Anti-Shipping Campaign in the Mediterranean 1940-1944: Comparing Methods of Attack 26th Mar 12 Professor Richard Overy
Richard Harris Civil Society in Cornwall. 20th Mar 17 Dr Garry Tregidga
Alwyn Harrison Andalusi Christianity: the Survival of Indigenous Christian Communities 1st Nov 10 Professor Simon Barton
Dennis Haslop Learning and Implementing Lessons of Convoy Warfare during the Battle of the Atlantic: a comparative study 7th Nov 11 Dr Michael Duffy
Sarah Hayes The Medicalisation of Maladjustment: The Conceptualisation and Management of Child Behavioural Problems in Britain, ca. 1890-1955 13th Jul 09 Professor Mark Jackson
Delia Hedesan Christian Philosophy': Medical Alchemy and Christian Thought in the Work of Jan Baptista Van Helmont (1579-1644) 17th Dec 12 Dr Mark Wynn
George House Understanding the end of time: decoding the Ethical Apocalyptic trend at the turn of the first millennium. 24th Dec 15 Professor Sarah Hamilton
Naomi Howell The Tomb in Twelfth-Century Romance: Representations, Symbolism, Spirituality 14th Mar 11 Professor Yolanda Plumley
Jaka Jarc The transfer of knowledge in Anglo-Saxon England. 14th Dec 15 Professor Simon Barton
Alexander Johnson Charting the Imperial Will: Colonial Administration & the General Survey of British North America, 1764-1775 5th Mar 12 Professor Jeremy Black
Sarah Jones The Legitimation League in the late nineteenth century. 13th Jan 16 Professor Kate Fisher
Neil Kennedy Employing Cornish Cultures for Community Resilience 27th Aug 13 Professor Philip Payton
James Koranyi Between East and West: Romanian German Identities since 1945 15th Jun 09 Professor James Mark
Michael Lea-O'Mahoney The Navy in the English Civil War 17th Dec 12 Professor Jeremy Black
Andrew Little British Personnel in the Dutch Navy 1642-1697 18th May 09 Professor Nicholas Rodger
Simon MacKley Liberal Language, Imperial Cause: Rhetoric, Empire and the Liberal Tradition in British Politics'. 14th Sep 16 Professor Richard Toye
Charmian Mansell English Maidservants in The Early Modern Community, 1550-1650 14th Mar 17 Professor Jane Whittle
Sean McGlynn The French Invasion of England 1216 19th Aug 15 Professor Simon Barton
Anne McLeod The Mid-Eighteenth Century Navy from the Perspective of Captain Thomas Burnett and his Peers 10th Jan 11 Dr Michael Duffy
Matthew Mesley The Construction of Episcopal Identity: The Meaning and Function of Episcopal Depictions within Latin Saints' Lives of the Long Twelfth Century 8th Mar 10 Professor Sarah Hamilton
Madeleine Midgley Not Just Passing: the Maintenance of Gypsy Cultural Identity in Contemporary Cornwall 30th Sep 09 Professor Philip Payton
David Miller The Episcopate of Bishop Benson 1877-1883 and the beginnings of Truro Diocese and Cathedral: The Umbrella and the Duck 19th Nov 12 Professor Philip Payton
Pia Molander British, US, Swedish Intelligence Relations: The Office for Strategic Services and Special Operations Executive in Neutral Sweden 1939-1945. An Assessment of US-British-Swedish Intelligence Activities in Sweden During Total War 22nd Mar 10 Professor Martin Thomas
Madeleine Morgan William Acton and Medical Discourse in Mid-Nineteenth Century Britain 6th Feb 12 Professor Kate Fisher
David Morgan-Owen The Invasion Question: Admiralty Plans to Defend the British Isles, 1888-1918 23rd Sep 19 Dr Michael Duffy
Andrew Morris The Second Age of Steel: The Era of Alloy Steels, 1858-1914 6th May 08 Professor Roger Burt
Edward Mullins Using Cognitive Science to Think about the Twelfth Century: Revisiting the Individual through Latin Texts 14th Feb 11 Professor Julia Crick
Hannah Newton Children's illness & Pediatrics in England 1500-1700 22nd Feb 10 Professor Alexandra Walsham
Lori Oates The Transmission of French Occultism to Britain in the Mid to Late Nineteenth Century. 13th Jun 16 Professor Regenia Gagnier
Farag Omar Political History & aspects of civilisation in Seville under the Al-Mohads state, 1156-1248 29th Mar 16 Professor Simon Barton
Weichong Ong Securing the Population from Insurgency and Subversion in the Second Emergency (1968-1981) 17th Jan 11 Professor Martin Thomas
Kate Osborne Exeter c.1602: Illuminating the 'chorus of shadows'. 7th Nov 16 Professor Jonathan Barry
Deborah Palmer Occupational health of Nurses 1890 - 2000 26th Apr 10 Professor Joseph Melling
Sarah Parsons Religion and the Sea in Early Modern England, c. 1580-1640 23rd May 11 Professor Alexandra Walsham
Ryan Patterson Technophilia in Victorian Britain and the machine gun in imperial culture. 14th Jan 16 Professor Jeremy Black
Simon Peplow British Race Relations 1958-81 2nd Dec 15 Dr Matthias Reiss
William Pitcaithly 'Pirates, robbers and other malefactors' - The role played by violence at sea in relations between England and the Hanse towns, 1385 - 1420 26th Sep 11 Professor Nicholas Rodger
Elinor Romans Selection and Early Career Education of Executive Officers in the Royal Navy c. 1902 - 1939 17th Jun 13 Professor Nicholas Rodger
Douglas Ronald The Symbolic Power of Youth as Represented in 'The Naval Chronicle' (1799-1818) 10th Apr 12 Professor Jeremy Black
Tamsyn Rose-Steel French Ars Nova Motets and their Manuscripts: Citational Play and Material Context 26th Sep 11 Professor Yolanda Plumley
Tamsin Rowe Blessings for Nature in the English Liturgy c.900 - 1200 20th Sep 10 Professor Sarah Hamilton
Tim Rudbg H. P. Blavatsky's Theosophy in Context: The Construction of Meaning in Modern Western Esotericism 20th May 13 Dr Richard Noakes
Shinsuke Satsuma Ideas about the Economic Advantages of Colonial Maritime War and their Impact on British Politics and Naval Policy, 1701 - 1729 7th Jun 10 Professor Nicholas Rodger
Anthony Saunders A Muse of Fire: British Trench Warfare Munitions, their Invention, Manufacture and Tactical Employment on the Western Front, 1914-18 15th Jun 09 Professor Jeremy Black
Ryan Schwarzrock Chronicle and Conflict in Twelfth-Century Leon-Castile: A Literary Study of the First Cronica Anonima of Sahagun 18th Nov 13 Professor Simon Barton
Sarah Scutts The Perception and Use of the Anglo-Saxon Past in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English Religious Discourse 20th Sep 10 Professor Alexandra Walsham
Manu Sehgal Politics, State and Empire: Colonial Warfare and the East India Company State, c. 1775-1805 2nd Apr 12 Professor Jeremy Black
Arnold Shipp William of Wykeham and the Founding of Winchester College 5th May 09 Professor Sarah Hamilton
George Sieg Occult War: The Legacy of Iranian Dualism and its Continuing Influence upon the Modern Occult Revival 1st Mar 10 Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
Uri Smilansky Rethinking Ars Subtilior: Context, Language, Study and Performance 17th Jan 11 Professor Yolanda Plumley
Matthew Smith Into the Mouths of Babes: Hyperactivity, Food Additives and the History of the Feingold Diet 26th Aug 09 Professor Mark Jackson
Leah Songhurst The Medicalisation of Happiness: a History of St John's Wort 28th Feb 11 Professor Mark Jackson
Trevor Stone Air logistics in the Second World War. 31st May 16 Professor Richard Overy
Catherine Tremain Masculinity and Gendered Relationships and Reputation in the Eighteenth Century Provincial Press 13th Jun 11 Professor Henry French
Michael Tripp Persistence of Difference: a History of Cornish Wrestling 21st Jun 10 Professor Philip Payton
Carlos Tromben Corbalan The Chilean Naval Mutiny of 1931 20th Dec 10 Dr Michael Duffy
Peter Ward Admiral Peter Rainier and the Command of the East Indies Station 1794- 1805 21st Feb 11 Dr Michael Duffy
Adrian Webb The Expansion of British Naval Hydrographic Administration, 1808-1829 29th Nov 10 Dr Michael Duffy
Richard Wevill Role of British Embassy in Washington in Anglo American Relations. 2nd Aug 10 Professor Andrew Thorpe
Marc Wiggam The Blackout in Britain and Germany during the Second World War 31st Oct 11 Professor Richard Overy
Alun Williams Biblical Influences on the Hispano-Latin Chronicles of León-Castile, 12th -13th Centuries 15th Apr 13 Professor Simon Barton
Michael Williams Medieval English Roodscreens, with special reference to Devon 18th Aug 08 Professor Sarah Hamilton
Christopher Wilson The Dissemination of Visions of the Otherworld in England and Northern France c.1150 - c.1321 1st Oct 12 Professor Sarah Hamilton
Jonathan Wise The Anglo-Chilean naval association as a case study to illustrate the Royal Navy's contribution to British peacetime foreign policy, 1925 - 1970 18th Jul 11 Dr Joseph Smith
Britt Zerbe "That most useful body of men": the Operational Doctrine and Identity of the British Marine Corps, 1755-1802 20th Dec 10 Dr Michael Duffy