Call for papers

From the Roman and Babylonian empires of the ancient world; the mediaeval and early-modern Mughal and Ottoman empires; and the European colonial empires stretching into the twentieth century: it is clear that the temporal and geographical multiplicity of empires offers an opportunity to bring together an incredibly diverse range of historical case studies. The history of empire is an incredibly vibrant arena of current historical enquiry, incorporating a vast range of historiographic concepts and approaches. The tenth edition of Ex Historia, taking a broad approach to empire, seeks to bring together articles which will reflect the diversity of the history and historiography of this topic. Our choice of empire as a special theme reflects the expertise in Imperial and Global History in Exeter’s History Department, and we are particularly keen for submissions which incorporate imperial research with our other main specialisms: Medieval and Early Modern Studies; Medical History; Maritime History; and War, State and Society.

Suggestions include, but are certainly not limited to, articles studying the following within imperial contexts:

  • The politics and diplomacy of empires
  • The lives, policies, and reigns of individual emperors and empresses
  • Imperial culture (within and beyond the limits of the ‘empire’)
  • War and conflict
  • The social and/or economic impact of empire
  • Themes of identity, race, or gender in empire
  • Theories and conceptualisations of empire at the local, the national, and the international
  • The legacies of imperialism
  • The historiography of empire

We would be delighted to consider articles, (4000-8000 words) which consider these or other topics.

In addition, we are seeking book reviews, (500-1000 words), and review articles, (2000-4000 words) on broader historical topics, although submissions relating to the topic of empire are particularly welcomed.

The deadline for articles is 19 November 2017.

The deadline for book reviews and review articles is 3 December 2017.

All submissions must be the original, previously unpublished, work of the author. All word limits include footnotes. Please consult the MRHA Style Guide for information on format and referencing. All submissions must use British spelling; alternative forms are permitted in direct quotations.

Please send all submissions as Word attachments to We have a policy of blind review and thus all documents should be anonymous. If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to email us.

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