Volume 7 (2015), ISSN 2041-0824

Editorial Note

Editorial team 2014-2015



Des Atkinson (University of Exeter) 'Canonsleigh Abbey: a Thriving Devon Nunnery?' (pp.1-36)

Harold Guizar (University of York) 'Entering the École militaire: Proofs of nobility and the example of the girls’ school at Saint-Cyr’ (pp.37-60)

Laura Harrison (University of Leeds) 'Creating the slum: representations of poverty in the Hungate and Walmgate districts of York, 1875-1914’ (pp.61-89) 

Natasha Feiner (University of Exeter) 'Endocrinology, ‘Transsexual Agency’, and the Boundaries of Medical Authority’ (pp.90-110)


Book Reviews

Tamsin Gardner (University of Exeter) 'Nicholas Orme, The Churches of Medieval Exeter' (pp.111-114)

Emily Joan Ward (University of Cambridge) 'Christian Raffensperger, Reimagining Europe: Kievan Rus’ in the Medieval World(pp.115-118)

Imogen Peck (University of Bristol) 'Matthew Neufeld, The Civil Wars after 1660: Public Remembering in late Stuart England’ (pp.119-122)

Alex Burkhardt (University of St. Andrews) 'Alexander Gallus, ed., Die vergessene Revolution von 1918/19' (pp.123-126)

Niall MacGalloway (University of St. Andrews) 'Talbot Imlay and Martin Horn, The Politics of Industrial Collaboration during World War II, Ford France, Vichy and Nazi Germany’ (pp.127-129)