Volume 6 (2014), ISSN 2041-0824

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Editorial note

Symposia report

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Matthew Kidd (University of Nottingham), ‘‌The Evolution of the Northampton Labour Party, 1888-1918’. 1-33

Alan Drumm (University College Cork), ‘Counter Recruitment in Parnell's Ireland, 1880-1892’. 34-58

Lucy Lynch (University of Nottingham), ‘‘Protecting the non-combatant’: Chivalry, Codes and the Just War Theory’. 59-80

Dan Spencer (University of Southampton), ‘Edward Dallingridge: Builder of Bodiam Castle’. 81-98

Gregory Clowes (University of York), ‘‘The Devil's interlude’ in the South Sea bubble’. 99-116

Roderick Thirkell White (University College London), ‘Luxury at Rome: avaritia, aemulatio and the mos maiorum’. 117-43

Brent Lapadula (University of Nottingham), ‘Personal lament of the transient world’. 144-66


Review Articles

Gains Murdoch, ‘The State of Scottish Imperial Historiography’. 167-73


Book Reviews

Hannah Charnock, ‘Claire Langhamer, The English in Love: The Intimate Story of an Emotional Revolution’. 174-76

Kitrina Bevan, ‘Deborah Youngs, Humphrey Newton (1466-1536): An Early Tudor Gentleman’. 177-79

Emily Hansen, ‘Markku Peltonen, Rhetoric, Politics, and Popularity in Pre-Revolutionary England’. 180-82

Jennifer Doyle, ‘Rachel Duffett, The stomach for fighting: food and the soldiers of the Great War’. 183-85