Volume 5 (2013), ISSN 2041-0824

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Editorial note

Editorial team


Catalin Taranu (University of Leeds), 'A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Making of the Cistercian Desert', 1-18

David Napolitano (University of Cambridge), 'Brunetto Latini’s Tesoro in print', 19-47

Philippa Byrne (University of Oxford), ''Cast out into the hellish night': Pagan Virtue and Pagan Poetics in Lorenzo Valla’s De voluptate.', 48-73

Owen Brittan (Newcastle University), 'Using The Spectator to Stereotype the Country Tory: Joseph Addison and Richard Steele’s Venerable Sir Roger de Coverley Character.', 74-91

Temilola Alanamu (University of Exeter), 'Female Childhood Socialisation in Nineteenth-century Yorubaland', 92-114

Chris Phillips (University of Leeds), 'Henry Wilson and the role of civil-military cooperation during the planning of British mobilisation for war, 1910-1914.', 115-135

Jacob Stoil (University of Oxford), 'Structures of Cooperation & Conflict: Local Forces in Mandatory Palestine during the Second World War', 136-169

Jennifer Crane (University of Warwick), ''I don’t see why homosexuals feel they should have their own newspapers any more than people who like aubergines': The Creation and Construction of Homosexual Group Identity between 1962 and 1985', 170-190

David Linden (King’s College London), 'Political converts: Ideological travellers from Left to Right, 1975-1992', 191-214

Book Reviews

Joe White, Review of Graham E. Seel, King John: An Underrated King, 215-217

Lori Lee Oates, Review of Wouter Hanegraaff, Esotericism and the Academy: Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture, 218-221

Mahshid Mayar, Review of Hsuan L. Hsu, Geography and the Production of Space in Nineteenth Century American Literature, 222-224

Thomas Hine, Review of Alan L. Karras, Smuggling: Contraband and Corruption in World History, 225-228

Miguel Hernandez, Review of Kelly J. Baker, Gospel According to the Klan: The KKK’s Appeal to Protestant America, 1915-1930, 229-231

Simon Mackley, Review of Clare C. J. Griffiths, James J. Nott and William Whyte, Classes, Cultures and Politics: Essays on British History for Ross McKibbin, 232-234

Enrico Beltramini, Review of Thomas Borstelmann, The 1970s. A New Global History from Civil Rights to Economic Inequality, 235-238