Volume 3 (2011), ISSN 2041-0824

Editorial team 


Edmond Smith, 'The Impact of Mercantile Competition in Asia on Anglo-Dutch relations, 1600-1674', 1-20.

Pei-Ching Chen, 'Sex Differentiation in Hair in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Britain', 21-45.

James Goodchild, 'Scientists, Statesmen and War: The Case of the Scientific Advisory Committee', 46-78.

Richard Batten, 'A Significant Moment in the Development of Nuclear Liability and Compensation: Dealing With the Consequences of the Windscale Fire 1957', 79-107.

Book Reviews

Stephen Bennett, Review of Ronnie Ellenblum, Crusader Castles and Modern Histories, 108-111.

Stacey Sommerdyk, Review of Cecily Jones, Engendering whiteness: White women and colonialism in Barbados and North Carolina, 1627-1865, 112-114.

David Singeisen, Review of Thomas Pakenham, The Boer War, 115-117.

John Sharples, Review of Christopher Frayling, Mad, Bad and Dangerous? The Scientist and the Cinema, 118-121.

Karl Christoph Esser, Review of John D. Tully, Ireland and the Irish-Americans, 1932-1945: The Search for Identity, 122-124.

Nicholas Burkitt, Review of Paul Addison and Jeremy Crang (eds), Listening to Britain: Home Intelligence Reports on Britain’s Finest Hour – May to September 1940, 125-127.

Mahshid Mayar, Review of Barry K. Gills and Williams R. Thompson (eds), Globalization and Global History, 128-131.