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Violence Studies

The violence studies group has particular strengths in the study of wars and conflicts in the 20th Century, including the First World War (Pennell, Rees, Rowe), conflicts of the interwar era (Rees, Thomas), and Second World War (Mark, Overy, Reiss, Terry, Toye). Our research includes work on naval warfare (Morriss, Rowe), aerial warfare (Overy), ground warfare (Black, Overy, Terry) as well as civil wars, insurgencies and low-intensity conflicts (Hynd, Rees, Thomas). Members of the group share several specialist interests, including colonial violence (Hynd, Thomas), prisoners of war (Reiss, Terry), violence against civilian populations (Mark, Overy, Thomas, Terry), genocide (Mark, Overy, Terry), the collective memory of war and conflict (Mark, Pennell, Rowe) and the role of media in war and conflict (Terry, Thomas, Toye). More information about our research projects and current supervision can be found on the Centre's website.

Academic staff