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The research interests of the medieval group cover the whole of the medieval period from the seventh to the fifteenth centuries, and much of western Europe. We have a particular strength in the cultural and religious history of the period (Barton, Birkett, Foxhall Forbes, Hamilton, Plumley, Rider and Roach). Members of the group share interests in various themes including the histories of religion and belief (Birkett, Foxhall Forbes, Hamilton, Rider and Roach), the histories of identities (Barton, Birkett, Foxhall Forbes, Roach), the historical context of textual production (Plumley, Birkett), and the role of women in society (Barton, Whittle). We also work with medievalists in other departments, in particular in Archaeology, English and Modern Languages and Cultures, via the Centre for Medieval Studies.

Academic Staff


  • Tamsyn Rose-Steel
  • Uri Smilansky