Recently graduated students

Student nameThesis title
Kitrina Bevan Clerks and Scriveners: Legal Literacy and Access to Justice in Late Medieval England (2013)
Tom Chadwick Re-evaluating Norman Ethnic Identity in Europe, 911-1140 (2018)
Owain Connors The Effects of Anglo-Norman Lordship upon the Landscape of Post-Conquest Monmouthshire (2013)
Fiona Fleming A Persistence of Place: A Study of Continuity and Regionality in the Roman and Early Medieval Rural Settlement Patterns of Norfolk, Kent and Somerset (2013)
Hayley Foster A Zooarchaeological Study of Changing Meat Supply and Butchery Practices at Medieval Castles in England (2016)
David Gould Rabbit Warrens of South-West England: Landscape Context, Socio-Economic Significance and Symbolism (2017)
George House Understanding the End of Time: Decoding the Ethical Apocalyptic Trend at the Turn of the First Millennium (2015)
Jaka Jarc The Transfer of Knowledge in Anglo-Saxon England (2015)
Peter Knowles Connecting the Medieval to the Modern: Gaming and Social Networking in Medieval France and England (2016)
Richard Nevell The Archaeology of Castle Slighting in the Middle Ages (2018)
Farag Omar Political History and Aspects of Civilisation in Seville under the Al-Mohads State, 1156-1248 (2016)
Daniel Roach Narrative Strategy in the Historia ecclesiastica of Orderic Vitalis (2014)
Ryan Schwarzrock Conflict and Chronicle in Twelfth-Century León-Castile: a Literary Study of the First Crónica Anónima of Sahagún (2013)
John Slevin The Historical Writing of Alfred of Beverley (2013)
David Stone Mutually Assured Construction: Æthelflæd’s burhs, Landscapes of Defence and the Physical Legacy of the Unification of England, 899-1016 (2017)
Charles Tindal-Robertson Peacemaking in Medieval León and Castile, c. 1100-1230 (2014)
Alun Williams Biblical Influences on the Hispano-Latin Chronicles of León-Castile, 12th -13th Centuries (2013)
Laura Williams Painful Transformations: A Medical Approach to Experience, Life Cycle and Text in British Library, Additional MS 61823, The Book of Margery Kempe (2016)