Centre PhD students

Student nameThesis title
Aliya Abdukadir Ali PhD at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Ranyh Alatawi Al-Waqidi and the Early Islamic Conquests
Asma Alshaiban

Chroniclers of the Ayyubid Dynasty

Des Atkinson

Ecclesia reformata? John Morton's Contemporaries and the Re-making of the English Church

Wendy Clarke

Pilton and Barnstaple Priories: The Landscape Context, Life Course and Social Interactions of Two Small Dependencies

Rowena Cockett

The perception and management of extreme emotions in thirteenth-century Iberia

Richard Cooke

A Critical Evaluation of the Evidence for Accelerated Economic Development in Devon during the 'Long Fifteenth Century

Jack Cranfield

Medieval Iron Industry of the Weald

Rob Cuffe-Fuller

The continuity of faith between Jesus the Jew and Waraqha ibn Nawfal

Zoe Cunningham

The Perception and Treatment of Custom in the Laws of Late Medieval Europe

Henry Doss

A Protocapitalistic Rhetoric of Authority in Piers Plowman

Lorena Fierro Diaz

The Political Power of Noblewomen in Iberia, 1000-1200

Lydia Fisher

Visualising Faith: Stained Glass Windows, Belief and the Parish in the English Church 1400-1600

Tamsin Inglis

Monastic Wellbeing and Healthcare in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century England: Analysis of Patients, Spaces Used and Care Available

Samuel Gillis Hogan

Fairy Conjuring in Medieval and Early Modern England

Ryan Kemp

Kingship in twelfth-century English and German saints’ lives and bishops’ biographies

Carole Lomas

Reconstructing the Development of the Early Medieval Church with Somerset as a Case Study

Jesse Lynch

The Coming of Paper: The Transformative Effect of Paper Diffusion in Medieval England

Andrew Margetts

The Wandering Herd: The Medieval Cattle Economy of the South-East, c.450-1450

Eleanor March

Tewkesbury Abbey: an interdisciplinary study of the church and its material culture from its medieval origins

Henry Marsh

Narratives of Crisis, a Divided Elite: The English Chronicles from 1377-1422

Edward Mills

Imagining and enacting education in the French of medieval England

Alison Norton

Castles: A local history, GIS-analysis of castle and landscape relations, lordly identities, and settlement nucleation in the East Midlands

Eddie Proctor

Topographical Legacies of Monasticism: Evolving Perceptions and Realities of Monastic Landscapes in the Southern Welsh Marches

Lenneke van Raaij

Searching for the Local Past in the Liturgy of Ottonian and early Salian Trier (900-1050)

Rachel Slover

English Benedictine Women and the Henrician Reforms: Representing the Female Religious' Voice in a Period of Religious Change, 1450-1540

Harriet Tait

Lordship and Religion in Late-Medieval South-East England

Teresa Tinsley

Hernando de Baeza and the making of Catholic Spain

Nikki Vousden

Churches in the Landscape: The Cultural, Historical and Social Impact of Early Christianity in South-west Britain

Philip Wallinder

A Re-edited Version of John Trevisa's Middle English Translation of the Latin Gospel of Nicodemus

Hannah West

Communities of Piety: Religious Houses and the Parish in Late Medieval Bridgwater

Michael Whelan

Duces Christi: A Thematic Analysis of the Non-Combat Aspects of Military Leadership in the First Crusade

Paul Williams

The Trading Community of Exeter, 1470-1570

Teresa Witcombe

Between Paris and Al-Andalus: Bishop Maurice of Burgos and His World c. 1208-1238