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I have a few words about Simon to mark his departure from Exeter. We are more than sorry to be losing you, Simon. You are going not just to the USA but to Florida – the state of hanging chads and tight election results – and our loss is certainly Florida’s gain. Even as we … Continue reading

The late medieval English cleric gets a pretty raw deal in film, TV and in popular histories. Where they appear at all, they are often ciphers, materialising merely to fulfil some dramatic function such as crowning a usurping monarch, or conducting the marriage of a pair of love-struck aristos. Those priests, bishops, nuns or friars … Continue reading

By Guest-Blogger David Bates When, at the start of the presentation of my new William the Conqueror, in the Yale University Press English Monarchs series, to the University of Exeter on Wednesday 16 November, Levi Roach asked how long I had been writing the book, I was tempted to answer that it has taken both … Continue reading

Mid-morning on 28 October I received an urgent request from BBC Spotlight to provide historical background on an emerging news story in Exeter: the Royal Clarence Hotel had just caught fire.  Within a few minutes I was in Cathedral Yard and watched in despair as the flames spread across the building.  More than 150 fire-fighters, … Continue reading