The Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities, 7 (2021)

'Issue 7 – Absence, Presence & (In)Visibility in the Medical Humanities'

'1) The Metastasis of Hysteria: Librium Prescription and (Mis)Use in Literature (Iris Gioti, University of Exeter)
2) 'Soaking in Each Other': (In)Visible Constellations and the Power of Sight in Lucy Beech's Reproductive Exile (Holly Isard, University of West London)
3) 'All Around, Though Often Invisible': Using Cold Feet: Series Nine in the Spiritual Care of Cancer Survivors (Ewan Bowlby, University of St Andrews)
4) 'Be My Philosophy, Be My Science': Reflections on Chronic Pain in Alphonse Daudet's In the Land of Pain (Leonard Farrugia, University of Glasgow)
5) Codes, Clinics and Culture: The Multi-Faceted Medicalization of Homosexuality in India 1970-1990 (Rianna Price, Lancaster University)
6) Christina Rossetti: Feasts of Burden from 'The Dead City' to 'Goblin Market' (Jessica Mehta, University of Exeter)
7) 'It's Not Safe in This House:' Supernatural Disguises and Intimate Partner Violence in The Boy and The Invisible Man (Hayley Smith, Canterbury Christ Church University)'