The Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities, 4 (2017)


I. Editorial Note 2017

II. articles:

1) Taking for a Walk A Dog with a tail at both ends (Andrew Williams)

Additional documents‌‌

2) What is an embryo? A Lexical Study of Hippocrates' and Galen's Theories of its Creation and Development (Tamara Martí Cassado and Maria Savva) What is an embryo?

3) Chinese Medical Students in Japan and the Transformation of Medical Science in Modern China: a Study Focusing on Six Japanese Imperial Universities (Hu Xueying) Chinese Medical Students in Japan

4)“Worthy of the Best Traditions of English Women”:  Medical Missionary Work on the Home Front in the First World War (Sarah Jane Bodell) Worthy of the Best Traditions of English Women

5) Death and the Parish: Mortality in Eighteenth-Century Wales (Angela Muir) ‌Death and the Parish

III. book reviews

1) Sarah O' Dell: Mysterious Medicine: The Doctor-Scientist Tales of Hawthorne and Poe (L. Kerr Dunn) Mysterious Medicine Book Review

2) Nicola Sugden: Tea with Winnicott (Brett Kahr)‌ Tea With Winnicott Book Review